Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tiki Gods, Veggies, & the Wall of Shame...

The Tiki Gods were smiling on me at auction last weekend and I got to come home with two very awesome wooden carved tikis. They look fab hanging out in the garden by the fish pond. I can't say I've ever run across wooden carved tikis at auction before, so this was quite the find. The son of the family said his Father spent a lot of time on vacation in Key West, so I'm guessing they might have come from there? Where ever they came from, I plan to enjoy them for a long while! 



When she begins to rock...Honey, I begin to roll....


My garden haul from my garden at my moms! 

The veggie gardens have been doing great and as you can see above, giving us lots of yummy colorful produce!  

I still have not finished painting Deluxeville and it still remains a sea of boring beige.  As you can see, I did start removing plaster from the wall behind my stairs.  Removing plaster is a very messy pain in the butt.  My progress has been slow.  I refer to this eye sore as my wall of shame! What can I say, just like my life, my wall is also a work in progress.  But I am most certain that very shortly my wall will be finished and so will a certain chapter in my book of life!  I'm looking forward to finishing them both and getting some color back into my life!



  1. "Oh the Tiki's and Flamingos should be friends! Oh the Tiki's and Flamingo's should be friends!" Good to see the backyard coming along, and I adore that you also decorate during construction too!

  2. What are you planning on doing with your non-plastered wall?

  3. The yard is looking great! I love the tikis! I have never seen them at sales either! (or auctions which we never really go to!)

  4. Oh your koi pond is great! I want a pond so bad but since we're renting it's not do-able.