Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodbye Summer....

You were an amazing time of year for me once again.  I can always count on Summer to re-energize my spirit and send me off in new creative directions.  No other season gives me the wonderful mental boost quite like Summer does.  Summer I will miss you!

Omg potatoes!!! Happiest day ever!!! 
I grew Veggies and ate my veggies and shared my veggies!!

Just a girl and her bike riding a path to no where!  Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I road my bike!

I love vintage tractors with suicide knobs and tires almost as tall as grandpa would be proud! 
I fell in love with a few tractors.

My favorite little grumpy old man...sleeps on the pillow behind my head every night. Been with me for 17 1/2 years... I love him so much!
I lost something I will never be able to replace.
He was the best thing that has ever happened in my life.  

I also have a thing for cheesy vintage light up pictures....the cats are not amused 
I bought stuff I didn't need just for fun!

I saved the vintage :) Happy Saturday! 
I glowed...I nested....I rested....I met new friends...I hung out with old friends...I spent time with myself....I licked my wounds and healed my soul just a bit more...I spent time with my family.... I gave and got lots of hugs...I let go...I laughed more than I cried (even though I cried for days)...  I remembered how to love...I grieved my losses...I proclaimed that all this me time is absolutely awesome...I got a new nickname from a special fella....I jumped through flaming hoops of fire...(okay just kidding I didn't really do that)...I did however start running again (slow like a turtle but I'm moving so who cares turtles are cute!)

Thank you Summer you came along just when I needed you!  See ya next year Summer!!




  1. I'm the same way about summer although I am kind of okay with this summer being over since it was such crap for me! I also am just starting to run again after a 5 month hiatus due to health issues and it's so hard to get started again.

    1. Yeah, any exercise routine is hard to start again if you've been off for awhile. I don't take easily to exercising but once I'm done I always feel great...but getting started is like ugh again!

  2. I'm so sorry about your Kitty....we recently lost one too and it's the hardest thing to go through. Your optimistic spirit is so inspirational! Keep on keeping on. :)

    1. Thanks Betsy! 18 years he was in my life...longest relationship I've ever had with a fella! I miss him terribly.

  3. Jayson would love that light up picture thingy! So sorry to hear about your little fella... :(