Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Demo at BachelorVille

The kitchen demo at BachelorVille has begun! I was planning on working on the kitchen renovation when I'm actually living there next Summer....but when I was over during Thanksgiving, we noticed that one of the floor support beams was in dire need of being replaced. Apparently, when the Sgt bought his house 6 years ago, the previous owners knew there was termite damage to the beam, but hide it by puttying it up and painting it. Nice, I know. Anyway, the beam is in bad shape and needs to be replaced before the hardwood floors go in above. Really, what's the point of hardwood floors in the bedroom if the floor is just gonna fall through to the kitchen below anyway. I'm still trying to decide if it's lucky that I live 2 hours away or not.... Sgt was pretty much on his own for this demo and didn't have me around to supervise. Funny how he went from a simple ceiling demo around the affected floor beam to demoing the whole kitchen ceiling... Oh my! At least he kept me updated with demo pictures....that's my guy. :-)

Look ceiling on the floor!!! Sgt tells me he bought his house because of the fire place. As you all know, I'm not much of a rustic, farmhouse kinda girl, but I happen to enjoy a good design challenge. Also, before you ask, I am planning on staying true to the character of the house and not planning on making it into something it's not. Goodbye mid-century modern dreams and hello vintage farmhouse charm with contemporary updates! Or maybe I'll create my own mix and do mid-century vintage farmhouse? Sounds good yes? But, what ever I do, there will be vintage involved so, before you ask, I will not be putting in granite counter tops "yuck" but would like to do a white farmhouse kitchen sink! I would also love to put in a big old vintage stove, but I don't think the Sgt would go for that since he loves to cook so much....I smell a viking stove in my future.

oh my

The damaged floor beam that started it all! There are some really good things about the house that I like and of course some things that I don't like. All in all, for being over 100 years old, the house has got some good bones and I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty again with projects.

My demo list has begun.... I smell a Summer kitchen demo party!


  1. Hope the sarge is on board. That looks like quite a job.

  2. hahaha! Love it! I hated the blue when I bought the house, too. Don't know why I didn't just paint it .. oh wait I know ... was it 'cause I knew I would demo the cabinets some day so, "why bother"? or was it 'cause I hadn't met my Mary Deluxe-motivator!? Nothing like having the gal of your dreams moving in to put a little gas in a guy's engine.

    Hey .. i noticed you didn't bid farewell to the ... Peninsula!

  3. Hello Sgt, nice to see ya! Good job on the demo

    Hey hon, I bet you can't wait to get stuck in!!

  4. Why did the previous owners cover up a nice rustic board and beam ceiling with sheetrock? Oh right, to cover up the termite damage.

  5. Maybe mid century "Early American" style would be something that you would both be happy with?
    Here are some links(if you don't mind)to some pics

    I just thought maybe this style would go well with the lovely old farmhouse & still be 50's vintage decorating at the same time:)

  6. I don't know what it's like where you are, but in Texas if a seller hides something like that, you can sue them for it. They are legally required to disclose any and all known damage at the time of sale.