Thursday, December 30, 2010

Secrets of a Bus Stop Goddess...Ex-Bus Riders

I recently had an experience that made me start thinking about past relationship partners and how often our lives will get "interrupted" by them in our future. I'm not just talking about my own individual past relationship buses here, but also those of my current significant other, the Sgt's . Yup, everyone has a past and I'd be more worried to be riding on a bus who had no former riders then I would be of a bus with many ex riders. And if you must know, yes, I've been on one of those "no prior riders" buses and the bus was not running on all was a short trip for me! Every Bus Stop Goddess should expect their bus to have had prior bus patrons and BSGs should also know that no other previous bus rider could compare or be as amazing as you, the current rider. With that in mind, a smart BSG always leaves the past, their own and the buses, in the past.


So recently, my bus the Sgt, had a past rider that tried to jump back on and take a trip again. I know right, the nerve of some women! I mean really, didn't she see me sitting there? To be fair to her, I will say that she probably didn't know that the Sgt had a new rider and I can also understand her desire to try to hop back on my amazing Sgt bus. But really, this gal is obviously NOT a Bus Stop Goddess because any self respecting BSG knows better then to reride a bus that THEY decided to get off of a year ago. Yup, she pulled the string and dinged the bell to get off the Sgt bus because the Sgt bus wasn't able to provide her with the regular routine bus schedule that she had requested. This is another example on why she is NOT a BSG. BSGs never demand that a bus develop a regular routine bus schedule for them, they allow the bus to want to provide that for them on their own. I mean really, who wants to be told when and how often they should be spending their time with another person. Being needy is always a big turn off for a BSG or a bus and who the hell wants a demanding bus rider or bus? And just so you know, if a bus is really into their rider, they want to spend time getting to know them whether they live close or at a distance, a bus that's into it's rider makes the time. Both this non BSG ex-rider of the Sgt bus and I, live a distance from the Sgt bus.....the difference being, I'm a Bus Stop Goddess and she isn't! So, please remember BSGs, if you decide to stop riding a bus for what ever reason, ya don't get back on the bus again! Just assume that the bus has moved on to other bus stop riders and honestly, after a years time, you should have too. But to be once again, fair to her, the holidays are a lonely time of year for some people and it makes some gals lose their better judgment.


So, how does a Bus Stop Goddess deal with a previous rider who is trying to hop a ride on their bus again? Well, to be honest with you, the smart BSG does nothing but watch how her bus handles the situation. A good bus will share the information with it's current rider (because honesty is the best policy) and then be polite but firm to the imposing previous bus rider by informing the ex-rider that the bus is no longer driving by bus stops and is now a chartered bus with a regular bus rider. This type of treatment by the bus will hopefully end any attempts the previous rider was planning on making to weasel their way back on an off duty bus! A smart BSG will then praise her bus for providing such a smooth ride and perform a little routine bus maintenance by checking the fluid levels under the buses hood. *wink wink* A bad bus will keep encouraging the previous rider to continue to contact them, they might even try to do a midnight bus stop drive by, thus creating a very bumpy bus ride for the BSG full of pot holes and black ice. I've been on buses like this before, these buses are a waste of time and only feel good if lots of woman are trying to flag them down at the bus stops. If you're looking for a regular, routine bus route with a one rider capacity, this is not the bus for you. I'm a lucky BSG, cause my Sgt bus is one of those good buses. No worries on my bus!


Bus Stop Goddesses know that no matter if they're standing at a bus stop, riding the buses, or on a regular bus route, it's always important to remember their Bus Stop Goddess status. Just because I've got a regular bus route on the Sgt's bus now, doesn't mean I stop being a BSG. Maintaining your Bus Stop Goddess ways is important to yourself no matter what stage of the journey you are on. It's also important to remember that not all women will value themselves or play by the BSG rules. A lot of these poor women tend to ride around in circles making the same bad mistakes with buses. Eventually, every BSG will run across one of these women on their bus route. Just remember, keep the past in the past, watch how your bus handles it, and never get involved in your buses past unless the previous rider pulls you there....then by all means, bitch slap her!

Happy Bus Trails To All!


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  1. Mary D., you are wonderful and I love the BSG series. :)

  2. Tee hee...I couldn't agree with your expert advice more! It would be great to think the past just stays in the past, but most buses have passengers who wake up after the bus ride has ended and beg the driver to let them back on. If the driver doesn't stay strong and cave to the pleadings of the snoozy passenger, then s/he fails the driver's test and BSG should kick said driver to the curb.

  3. You're so cute. I love this. I would've just socked her from the get-go.

  4. "the smart BSG does nothing but watch how her bus handles the situation." Well said.

  5. hehehehe, if I was 20 something and not in tune with my BSG ways, I would have probably gotten upset about this little bus route interruption....But not anymore, I've gotten much more secure with myself in my 30s. The Sgt and I had a good laugh about the whole thing and I know how insecure and desperate she obviously is to try to reconnect the way she did with someone she stopped seeing over a year ago. Actually I feel sad for her....the poor thing.


  6. This is a great post! I'm so glad you found a bus to take you where you are going in life. Have a great 2011 xoxo

  7. What an awesome post!Loved it & i think you behaved wonderfully ,what a wise woman you are:)
    I hope you & the sarge had a wonderful christmas & new years & i hope 2011 is your best year yet!

  8. I stumbled upon your blog from a link in Mrs. Paige Turner's blog.

    I LOVE this entry. You are so creative -- and what a clever way to deal with a topic that would drive a vast majority of women mad!


    Now, I must go read your other BSG entries.