Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Projects

Some Summer projects we are working on around The Simple Acre. I had a pond at DeluxeVille that was filled with fish, frogs, and pond plants. I moved everything with me to NJ and that also included the pond items. Sgt spent a week digging a 3 foot deep hole by however wide for the new fish pond next to the patio. It's a project for sure and all the rock-scaping still needs to be completed but the fish sure are happy! It's also awful nice to have the sound of a waterfall next to the patio as we sit out there. The Summer is just beginning so I'm sure this will look completely different in three months!


The garden is looking amazing and has already given us lettuce, peas, basil, and green beans. We just planted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and more green beans. I have to get some cucumbers planted soon and lima beans too. Our tomato harvest will be huge this Summer and I foresee a lot of canning in our future! How are your gardens growing???


I am still unpacking things inside the house and try to divide my time between inside and outside projects. I really need to work on getting my craft room set up so I can get to sewing some curtains and such. I found some very cool fabric at a local antique shop a few weeks ago that I've been dying to turn into something. The floral barkcloth fabric use to be cushions that someone ripped apart on the one side. I think they can be salvaged and turned back into cushions...they will fit perfect on my little two seater glider. The atomic cotton feed sack fabric I have to think about? I think it would be an adorable fabric for a dress and I would have enough yardage for one. I'm just not a professional dress maker, if you know what I mean..hahaha ..I wouldn't want to waste the fabric on a really bad creation made by me. :-)


Everything around here is a project right now. I have a to do list longer than my arm! I should really sit down and sort things into short term goals versus long term goals, so I can stop feeling so overwhelmed ;-). Does anybody else have big Summer/Winter projects they are working on? I can't be the only one out there that has big hopes, schemes, and dreams for their living environment?


  1. Hey Mary, you live in a paradise, I also have a lot of things to do at home or in the garden. I bought this house a year ago and are really a lot work to do.
    Bye and good job.

  2. Have fun with your pond, maybe you'll get a pair of ducks like we have. We've had the same pair for three years now.
    Our garden's in Minnesota are not doing very well this year, we have had sooooo much rain and not enough hot, dry sunny days to get things really growing. Oh well, what can ya do?!
    As I'm writing, we are under a Tornado watch, yippee. :-(

  3. I am so jealous of your pond. And your garden! Here in Texas is it too hot to grow much past April except tomatoes and basil, really, and a pond just doesn't make much sense due to this being a drought zone. I will just have to live vicariously through your blog.

  4. Jay wants to put in a pond this year as well. I bought him a book on it and that's as far as we've gotten! Want to come over and do another pond project LOL? At least I finally got my fountain done, so we have water someplace...

  5. This makes me homesick for New York!

  6. I bet the pond will be awesome when it's finished! I can't imagine having something like that. As for my garden...the basil, tomatoes, and "candy" corn are looking really good. The raspberry bushes...not so much.

    I plan to FINALLY build a firepit this summer, landscape around our backyard drive-in screen, and paint all the trim in the house. It turns out teething sheepdogs LOVE chewing on baseboard...There's a million other things, but these are the most realistic of the bunch!

  7. My boyfriend and I bought a house two years ago and I'm getting ready to tackle painting my kitchen cupboards (this also includes moving the handles!).
    At the moment I'm re-painting my dining room furniture. I'm hoping to get it all done before the end of October!!

  8. Love the pond! I have some tomatoes, but it will be a while til they ripen. Sounds like your garden's great!

  9. You've got some amazing projects on the go - your pool is going to be a real talking point and I love your rock garden:). The vege garden is beautiful and I love your amazing vintage fabrics - happy sewing! xo

  10. BlackPinafore...Congrats on your house...they are a lot of work but also very satisfying!

    Zelda...I hope the birds stay out of my pond. I have little baby goldfish in there and I would hate it if they got eaten up.

    Jaimie...Sgt grew up as a teen in Texas so he knows exactly what you're talking about and feels your pain!

    SusieQT...Nothing is more relaxing then the sounds of running water! Tell your husband good luck it took Sgt a week to dig out the one he made...but we have lots of rocks in the ground so hopefully your hubby will have an easier time of it!

    SusieO...Mmmmmm candy corn! Oh it's probably not the candy corn I am thinking of is it! hahaha. A fire pit sounds awesome and I love the idea of a back yard drive-in screen...now that's romantic!

    Lisa...Have fun painting! I have the kitchen cabinets to tackle here too!

    Zoots...Yeah, our tomatoes are just green right now too...but come July it's gonna be tomato season around here!

    Thanks Pull Your Socks Up!


  11. I feel ya! I just moved as well and it makes me tired to even look around my house. I look forward to watching your progress!
    LOVE the cushions you scored, by the way!