Monday, February 27, 2012

Eva Braun

A couple of weekends ago, Sgt and I stopped briefly at an auction we passed as we were on our way elsewhere. They had some WWII items that they were auctioning off. Sgt bought a set of WWII uniform patches and included with the patches was a picture of this woman below. The auctioneer said it was a picture of Hitler's girlfriend and then laughed. I don't think they really knew for sure if it was or wasn't. Hmmm, this got me thinking so, when I got home I began doing some research on Eva Braun. Is this really a picture of Eva Braun? If so, how did a WWII soldier get a picture of Eva Braun? I should call the History Detectives and see if they can find out for me. (I love that show!)

My photo. Is this Eva Braun? I simply love her hat!

Here is a picture of Eva Braun from life magazine.


Eva from Getty photo

So, what do you think? Do I have an original picture of Eva Braun?



  1. They certainly look very alike.though I've never seen Eva Braun look so glam

  2. It looks like it could be, but it's hard to tell. You'll have to keep people updated if you find out anything else. Either way, it's pretty interesting

  3. Ok, I´ve been staring at these pictures (and others on google) for at least half an hour and I´m onvinced it´s not her. The noses are slightly different, Eva Brauns is pointing slightly downwards, I think. And the strangers face seems to be a little rounder, especially the jaw line. And then there´s the fanciness TheBlackPinafore already mentioned. The picture looks like it was taken in the early 30s, Eva Braun was in her late teens/very early 20s back then. I say it´s not her, which is a good thing in my eyes ;)

  4. It looks very like her and although Erin said there's no mole she is very made up in your picture and could have covered it with make up. Who knows?

  5. It could be, but did he specifically say 'Eva Braun' or just Hitler's girlfriend? Because Hitler was involved with more than one woman over the course of being in power... there's even a doco called 'Hitler's Women'!

  6. It certainly looks like her. If it is, it would definitely be from before she was his girlfriend though, he despised makeup, hence her massive brows and scrubbed face in the later pics.

  7. Sorry, MaryD, but that's not Eva Braun in your picture.

  8. The eyes are definitely similar, but not the noses. Though it could be lack of shadows in your portrait that makes it look smaller/thinner. Very interesting little mystery, however.

  9. I don't think so. Its the eyes that give it away. The first picture has a distinct eye squint in the right eye (our left) that is not visible in any of the other pics. I notice because I do the same thing and it is in all of my pictures, even when I try not to do it.