Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Heart The Public Library

Like clockwork, every Saturday morning I go into town and visit the public library. The library I visit is housed in a very old county building and contains what I like to call that "quintessential library smell". I could spend hours roaming through the stacks of books and getting my library high. The thrill comes for me at the end when I get to take out a stack of magazines, dvds, and books all for FREE! I never felt that good back in the day when I would leave Barnes and Noble with a book or two and a smoking credit card. Libraries are great friends to those of us living on a thrifty budget and I just never know what I might find waiting there for me. Imagine my surprise Saturday morning when I was checking out the new books section and came across a copy of "The Vintage Tea Party Book" by Angel Adoree. I've been hearing great things about this book for awhile from other people's blogs and it just looked like it would be a wonderful book full of vintage goodness. ( I was very jealous of all my vintage UK gals!)It wasn't a book I ever thought I would have the pleasure of viewing.... as it's from the UK and also because of my thrifty budget. But thanks to my little country library and it's eclectic tastes, there it was waiting for me and all the other library patrons to enjoy!





Yes, I know...lots of eye candy!



I spent my Saturday devouring the book from front to back and was left dazzled by all the delicious eye candy. The great reviews I have heard about the book are all true and I was so inspired by the recipes, glamour, and whimsical settings that perhaps there will be a vintage tea party in my future? We American girls should have more tea parties... don't you think?! :)

Thank you once again public library!



  1. Isn't the library the best? I never seem to leave without a giant pile of books, and every time I feel like I'm getting away with something! "You mean I can just take all these home? For free?!?"
    Also, I agree with you...we American gals should definitely have more tea parties. Caffeine and sugar in the afternoon? Yes, please :-)

  2. That looks fabulous! I have a box in my garage full of different English china teacups I used to collect. Someday I will have to dig them out and have a tea party.

  3. I too am a library-o-phile and can spend hours wandering in one.

    That publication looks like a fun read ~ I am going to have to locate a copy! Thank you for sharing ~

    American girls and tea parties, I doubt it will catch on (much to my dismay). My family used to enjoy High Tea at establishments in Canada. Loved it!

    Give me a visit some time at

  4. We also go to the library Saturday mornings. Our city recently opened a new state of the art facility. We of course miss the old library, the new one doesn't smell right!
    When I leave with a huge bag full I always feel I have gotten my shopping fix, all free!
    I am going to find that book!

  5. I've heard this a great book but I haven't seen it myself yet. I'm very un-English I really don't like tea, there I said it ;o)

  6. Being a librarian it makes me very happy to hear the appreciation for libraries!! :) What a great library you have!!! :) xoxo

  7. Oooh- I'll have to look for that one tomorrow on my weekly visit with Kate. She would spend an entire day there if we didn't have to leave to eat once in a while! Seriously, though, I can't believe how many good DVDs and CDs you can get for nothing! My whole iPod is filled with stuff from the library for free!