Friday, March 9, 2012

Charmed I'm Sure....


I had lunch today with SusieQT from "Practice in Time" blog. At lunch, I noticed she was wearing a delightful little charm bracelet with the cutest phone charms on it. The bracelet belonged to her grandmother who had worked for the Bell Telephone Company. I loved hearing the story behind the bracelet. When I returned back home from my afternoon outing, I went looking for my own charm bracelet that I haven't worn in years. I found it amongst a jumble of other forgotten jewelry in my old jewelry box. It was just like I remembered it! I fell in love with this heart charm bracelet when I saw it in a vintage shop back in the late 1980's while I was still in high school....I felt like a gypsy girl every time I wore it. I wanted to be like Star, with a wrist full of charms, from the movie Lost Boys. It seems like every generation has a vampire movie to love doesn't it?!






An interesting NPR piece on charm bracelets....History on a wrist: "Charmed Bracelets".

"Truly, to wear one is to wear your history upon your sleeve. And while the adornments women choose have always been an expression of personal style, few ornaments, barring the engagement ring, have held as dear a place in women's hearts—or create as big a commotion, both literally and figuratively—as the charm bracelet. Walk down the street wearing one, and a woman will stop you in your tracks to share stories about her own treasured charm bracelet, her mother's, or even her grandmother's. Charm bracelets encourage a connection. Like quilts or samplers, they are a woman's art and such a "girl thing."

~Tracey Zabar 2004


  1. OOOh! Love it! I wish I still had mine that my Aunt Betty brought me from Mexico. I'm gonna start a new one!

  2. Such a pretty bracelet.

    I have a charm bracelet from when I was a child and people used to buy me charms when they went on holiday or for birthdays. It's a nice memory but doesn't really apply to me as an adult. Still I would never part with it!

  3. I love charm bracelets, but the ones you can buy these days are either cheap made-in-china stuff or fancy jewellery ones :(

  4. That is a wonderful bracelet! My mother has a gold charm bracelet that is in her safety deposit box. When I was a little girl and she kept it at home, I would love to look at all the charms on it. My father used to surprise her with charms as gifts. She gave me a charm from it on a chain that my father gave to her when I was born. It has a stork, my birthstone, my initials, and my birthday on it.

  5. :D Love it! I have a locket that is identical to the heart with the blue stone. It was also my Gram's but from when she was a child (c.1915). We had a great time- it's nice to get out with another vintage gal!

    1. Yes we did! That Phyliss gal was such a hoot! Glad we got to met up and finally hang out. I look forward to our next adventure!

  6. Love the bracelet!Im a sucker for anything heart and key or hearts and arrows

  7. Bracelet is so cute! And that looks a lot like Charmed's Alyssa Milano in that photo too - charmed on every level! xxx

  8. I have to post a photo of mine, I have to go look for it too. I got it about 20 years ago at a thrift store, and it has little spinners on it for a love test and a yes no test, I'll put it on my blog it's really neat.

  9. I adore charm bracelets! I have my grandmother's that has charms from the places she traveled. Back when I first met my husband I started my own and it has charms that were associated with out relationship, a computer because we met online, a fortune cookie because we got engaged at a Chinese restaurant, our birthstones, etc.

  10. I love your charm bracelet...and your Lost Boys reference! :)

    When I was in college, my mom gave me her old charm bracelet. When she was a little girl, my grandparents took her on a couple of road trips "out west" from here in Tennessee. Each state that they went through, my grandfather would buy her a little charm of that state. She said that was about the only thing they could afford for her to get as a souvenir. So, mine is a little silver charm bracelet with state charms. I've added some random charms since I've had it. Kitties, an astronaut, princess phone, etc. It's my favorite piece of jewelry other than my vintage black onyx cat ring my boyfriend gave to me a few years ago.