Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Chicken's Day

Let me explain something about myself before I begin this story....I like to plan out big decisions before I make them. Now, don't get me wrong here, I am spontaneous at times with certain decisions or undertakings. I however, am not swayed by quirky sales gimmicks, cute displays, or slashed prices! Yes, I tend to be the anti-consumer! Sgt on the other hand, can be rather impulsive with his purchases especially when it involves cute, fluffy peeping things! Hence the 12 new chickens brooding in my old toy box. Now don't get me wrong, I knew we would be acquiring chickens sometime this Spring. We've been talking about it for over a year now and we even knew what kind we would be getting and where the coop and run would be located. So yes, I knew the chickens were coming.... I was just planning on them coming after the chicken coop was built not before! Apparently, the chicken comes first! Now you know! hahaha Nothing like putting a little pressure on yourself to get a project done fast, is there?!

The Chicken Wispherer
The Chicken Whisperer is pleased.

The dog is absolutely in love with the chickens. I would like to point out that she is a bird dog and Sgt takes her bird hunting. We will only be referring to the girls as "chickens" and never as "birds". The word "bird" is strictly used as a hunting term only in the field. So, her chicken training has begun and at the present time, she is only allowed supervised chicken visits where she sits quietly transfixed by the almighty presence of the chickens! I'm certain that she will end up being very protective of her chickens and the chickens will become accustomed to seeing her around!

One of the girls


Both Sgt and I absolutely love chickens and we have both raised and kept our own chickens at different times in our lives. I am so very excited to have chickens in my life again and I'm thrilled at the opportunity to embark on this backyard chicken adventure with the Sgt....even if the chicken came first!

Happy St. Chicken's Day!



  1. Fun story, I also had a black lab (Snowball) as a kid and we also raised chickens for meat and eggs complete with crowing rooster (Leroy and later Leroy II) my sister and I also had rabbits (Jack & Jill) mom had (Honeybunny). Always good times being a kid in the country. Have fun the two of you.

    1. It is really awesome to be a kid and grow up around different types of animals. I too grew up with some rabbits and chickens, plus, horses and cows too. Good times!


  2. OMG the *squee* level is high on this post! I love the "chicken whisperer"!
    I've always wanted chickens of my own. Alas, they are not allowed where I live now, but someday...

  3. Oh fun...I've wanted chickens for awhile now, not sure f we can have them though.
    Have a great time with them and those fabulous eggs.

  4. Oh wow, I'm glad to hear the dog is well trained because I must admit that first photo freaked me out! Chickens are lovely, I hope my family gets some someday but they do require a lot of infrastructure to be built (ie the coop you build for them has to have a fully enclosed wooden shed that can be locked shut by humans at night, because otherwise the foxes WILL get them, no question). I just love the sounds they make as they scratch around. Can't wait to see more pictures as they grow!

  5. How fabulous and so cute!! Ah well now you know what project you need to get on with eh?!!

  6. Hehe- surprise! Kind of like having the baby before the nursery is ready- we adapt and carry on. Have fun- can't wait to watch them grow up. BTW- what breed?

  7. How fun! I have friends who have chickens and they love it. Their chickens have become like pets and have names and come when called. They also don't have to buy eggs anymore :-)

  8. Yay chicks!! Ooh how lovely that you will see them grow. All my chickens have been rehomed so they were fully grown. I have a cockerel and we are hoping to have chicks of our own. I love my hens, its amazing how they have their own little personalities. My hens and dogs run around together just fine! :)

  9. I am having visions of the I Love Lucy episode "Lucy raises chickens" right now !

  10. Best wishes on your adorable little brood ;) Hope you'll keep us posted on their progress and such!

  11. Awww.they are so adorbale.I want to give them snuggles.They look so soft.What a great photo of your dog watching them.x

  12. I cannnnnn't take the cuteness!!!! :) And the chicken whisperer is too too adorbs! :)