Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Soggy Earth Day Sunday


After having an absolutely amazing, sunny, warm Saturday, we are now experiencing a soggy chilly Sunday around these parts.  Saturday we finally got around to tilling our garden and planting!  We had been so busy building our chicken coop that we hadn't had time to start work on our garden until yesterday. Today we've been hanging out inside watching Ellery Queen shows, staying warm by the fire, and eating soft pretzels! 

I ventured outside briefly to see what Sgt was up to in the garden.  I found him putting straw around the baby bean plants to help protect them from the next few chilly nights and we also checked in on the gals in the chicken coop.
 Sgt the scarecrow!

IMG_8620  The fish pond getting a much needed refill.

I love old galvanized tubs and use them for a variety of things.  Right now they are collecting rain water.

My 1960s Squire Applegate wheelbarrow....awesome graphic of a man smoking a pipe!

I can't wait to see my veggies start growing in the garden and the first taste of strawberries in May. There's nothing more invigorating to me then being out in the fresh air all day working in the garden, I absolutely love this time of year!

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Love your garden it looks fabulous. I am so jealous of the chicken coop too. I keep watching my seedlings get bigger and I can't wait to get them in the ground. Good luck with your victory garden, I look forward to watching it grow.

  2. Hello Mary, I too with my boyfriend started to work in the garden, but the weather, even here in Italy, is not very favorable.
    Good work.


  3. What a peacefull place. I could hear the rain back my computer :)

    Bye bye.


  4. Hey Doll! Thanks for popping in on my blog today! :) Glad you did...I haven't visited you in a lil while. Ahhh you guys are awesome! A Chicken coop!! YES!! And your pond is just fantastic! The weather is so yucky here today...we actually had the heat on! We are really excited to get to work on the yard...and a garden! Not missing apt. living one bit!! Hooray for yards! :)

    Have a Great weekend!
    xo Jenny

  5. Looking good! Love putting those boys to work on the weekend! Jay and Jayson planted about 200 trees last weekend up at the cabin. Kate and I read books, LOL.