Friday, April 13, 2012

They Call it Puppy Love

Hello to all my new DeluxeVille readers!


And they call it puppy love
oh i guess they'll never know
how a young heart really feels
and why i love her so
and they called it puppy love
just because we're in our teens
Tell them all please tell them it isn't fair
to take away my only dream
i cry each night
my tears for you
my tears are all in vain
i hope and i pray that maybe one day
you'll be back in my arms once again
Someone tell me please
is the answer up above
how can i tell them oh how can i tell them
This is not a puppy love

~Paul Anka

Still working on dem thar* stairs! Nothing says tedious project like a painted stair runner! What the hell was I thinking??!? I'm still digging my cool 50's novelty smock shirt I snagged last Spring at auction. It's sooooo cute, easy to wear, and perfect for when you're having a casual "I feel like a blob today" day! :) Remember the awesome auction I found it at last Wow, the memories....makes me need an auction fix.

Happy Friday!!!


*ps... grammar police I misspelled on purpose!


  1. Your blouse is super cute! Pets always want to *help*. They just end up distracting us with their cuteness.

  2. Took a look at your auction finds and you scored big! Love the green summer dress. Good luck with the stairs.

    1. Oh, this whole blog is full of big auction scores I have made over the years!

  3. Love the blouse very cute.The stairs look the colors.xx