Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime and the Livin's Easy

The parking lot plant auction was a success and I came home with a car load of perennials and annuals.  Nothing says crazy plant lady as much as waking up at 4:30 am to be at the greenhouse parking lot by 5:15 am.  And before you ask, yes there were already other crazy plant people there waiting.  Mom and I stood in line with our carts discussing our plan of attack.  By the time 6:00 am rolled around, the line of other crazy plant people had grown significantly and the line wove it's way up the parking lot.  At 6:00 am we all made a mad dash to the perennial section and loaded up as much as we could get on our carts.  We then paid, loaded up our cars, and went back for seconds!  By 7:00 am, Mom and I were at the local diner having our parking lot plant sale post breakfast!  


This year, I've decided to spend some time working in and around the back porch of the house.  All of the plants I've gotten at the sale, I've used on and around the back area of the house.   I've been working on making plant beds around the porch area that wrap around the side of the house.  I'll have to take some pictures of my progress there!  I've been doing lots of digging and moving dirt around and still have a ways to go yet.  I plan on adding more perennials to this area at the end of Summer when the green houses sell off more of their stock at cheap prices. 


It's fun to see the changes that we have been making on our little acre of land over the last two years.  Gardening and landscaping is something that both Sgt and I share a passion for. There are still a few Summer projects that we would like to accomplish this year.... an earth oven and a fenced barn yard are left on our list yet to take care of.  We'll see if we have the time and energy to get those projects knocked out before Fall rolls around.

How's your Summer garden projects coming along?  Any big landscape plans for your back yards?



  1. Those planters look great! I really like them. Our seedlings ended up dead after a freak cold front came through. All we have left is some Poblano Peppers.

  2. Wow your porch looks a like decoration magazine. You, "Green Fingers", made an awesome work again.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Your porch is so nice! I do miss my old wrap around, but now we have a really nice cement patio with a pool and gazebo, so heah I think it was an even trade. We have also been very busy in the back yard. My husband straightened out our little frog pond and added a nice flag stone walk around it with a bench to sit and watch the frogs and fish in the pond. Except as soon as we put those little buggers in they swam to the bottom and we haven't seen them since! Today I'm going to buy some more flowers to make a nice flower bed, in the concrete pad, there used to be a tree but they cut in down and left the stump, then planted half of the circle with hostas, it was a major eye sore. Hopefully we can make our back look at pretty as yours!

  4. Your porch looks divine! I just want to come over for a lemonade.

    In terms of backyard work, we just had our one and only tree trimmed yesterday. It needed it badly because it was overhanging power lines, our garage and the alley but I'm so sad to look at it now! It makes me feel a bit deflated. Other than that, I've been learning a bit about gardening since I now have a yard for the first time. So far I've managed not to kill anything the previous homeowner planted, nor none of the plants I planted in containers. Yay!

  5. Lookin good! Oh so many summer garden projects I don't know that I'll get half of it done... takin' down a huge dead tree and adding a french drain around the house are some of the less glamorous, but probably more important tasks...

  6. So many beautiful plants.Just love your porch.xx

  7. Looks great! Got our pond put in, and the little seating area around it is almost done. Some landscaping still needs to be done, but not until the fall when I can plant a Japanese maple.

  8. Your porch is absolutely lovely Mary! I have to say, I'm envious of your porch furniture. That metal glider is pretty rocki'n and to have the matching chair, sigh. I wish I had my own place so I could have a setup as sweet as yours!
    - Evie

  9. The pictures of your porch and garden look like something straight out of a magazine WOW!