Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hangin' Out with Some of My Fellas

When you buy chickens that aren't sexed, you will have a 50/50 chance of getting one or the other! We certainly don't need three roosters around here and the pecking order is once again being worked out in the flock.  Because the roosters were part of our younger second flock of chickens, they are only just beginning to realize that they are roosters and with being a rooster, comes a certain placement and responsibility to the overall flock.  The pecking order once again must shift.  It's actually very interesting to watch how the order gets worked out in the flock.  It reminds me a lot of teaching high school freshman and watching them discover where their place is in the high school world. 
The Big Boy

Little boy and big boy.

What the hell MaryD....that's not a chicken!  No it's Sgt's new gnome. Ain't he sweet! 

King & Queen

The middle boy.

It's hot as Haiti here on the East Coast.  Mother Nature says, happy Summer here's a mini heat wave for ya!  Ick!  Not much you can really do except perhaps, eat more ice cream and lay low.  I'll be venturing to my Mom's house later today to prepare for our annual Mother/Daughter parking lot flower sale we attend every year.  We don't do black Friday, but we will do this flower sale every year at 6am.  Here's a post I did in 2009 about the parking lot flower sale.  I can't wait to drive the 2 hours home tomorrow sneezing my head off with a car full of flowers!


  1. That big boy is awfully handsome! Actually, they are all quite handsome.

  2. Both of your boys are handsome. Be careful they don't start fighting because at some point they will. They'll fight until one or both of them die. This happened a lot on our property.

    1. I've got three roosters....but not for long! :) I would prefer to have none. I think Sgt is planning on eating at least two of the boys. Or perhaps he will find them a farm to live on?


    2. Home raised chicken is so much tastier than store bought. They make for a great chicken noodle soup.

  3. It would be nice for the weather to find a happy medium, you guys are burning up and here in Washington state it's cold!

  4. We're still waitin on our girls to grow to figure out who's who... When could you start to tell the roosters apart from the others?

  5. You have chickens! OMG how awesome! Love your blog!