Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Odds and Ends

This past week has been extremely busy and involved lots of travel, interesting activities, and emotional moments.  This week is shaping up to be another busy challenging week.  I'm not one to dwell for long on the bad, so here are a few good things that have happened in my travels.


I finally found a decent well priced pedestal sink!  This is a Standard brand sink and is from the 1930s.  I found it in a Habitat for Humanities Restore and it's in really good condition and priced to sell, so I had no choice but to snag it up and store it till I get to the bathroom renovation project.


Sgt and I are now without roosters.  Yes, we slaughtered and processed them ourselves. Just some FYI about me that you probably don't know, I have not eaten chicken or red meat in 22 years.  I do however eat seafood.  I will not be eating the chickens, but I did help process the chickens so that Sgt can eat them.


Bad Dog!  Hmmm Sgt, could this be karma??  I love this site (it's so funny) and Chester fits right in on there.....Dogshaming 


Last but not least,  many of you know, I like mailboxes that make a statement!  This is Aunt Dot's cool ass mailbox.  I love, love this mailbox design.   How old is this mailbox and where the heck did she find it?? It reminds me of the old aluminum screen doors (with the scroll designs and large letter) that people use to have on their front doors.  Perhaps she had it custom made?  Don't ya all wish you had a mailbox as cool as this??!!  I need to find some body to make me one!

Here's to another long week!



  1. I love the mailbox and score on the sink!Awe,dog shaming haha!

  2. Dogshaming and Catshaming are the best. It really makes me appreciate how good of a good our Ridley is. The mailbox is really awesome. Can't wait to see how your bathroom looks when done.

  3. Why don't you take that mail box, keep it in the family?

  4. I love that mailbox too! And that chicken :( It made me kind of sad/hungry to read it.

  5. I already mentioned this post to Mom.I am sure the mailbox is yours if you want it.And if you want to get one made for you and the Sgt ( at least the name thing) Mom thinks Dot had it made at some place in Hanover..She may give you more info on that if you ask (what she said to me was "That aluminum place in Hanover.")or your dad might know where she is talking about

    1. Yeah, I told your Mom I thought the mailbox was neato when I was over and she said I could have it... but I'm in no hurry! :) I'll have to make sure I snag it before the house sells. When I posted about the mailbox it made me think of that time I posted the picture of Craig's parents mailbox before I knew it was his parent's mailbox. hahaha weird! Glad he didn't think I was stalking him! hahaha