Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where Did July Go??

No excuses for my absence other than the simple fact that I have been extremely busy.  Here's a brief recap.......I will go into further detail at a later date I'm sure!

My gal-pal SusieQT from Practice in Time blog and I opened up a joint booth at an antique shop in Quakertown PA!  Here's just a few pictures of our space....more to come later!


 Not only did I open up a space in PA but being the wacky gal that I am, I opened up a second booth space in an antique shop in NJ too!  This one I'm sharing with Sgt.  So, he and I have been having lots of fun having auction adventures to find cool interesting inventory! 

We went to an absolutely INSANE farm auction a few weeks ago that grew a HUGE crowd and people were in attendance from surrounding states!  It took me a good 45 min of waiting in line till I could register and get a bidding number.  It was the most crowded auction I have ever been to.  They had stated that there would be a nice selection of vintage clothes, so of course I attended with hopes of snagging a few nice things.  I'll just say this, the clothes were not that nice and went much higher than what they should have gone money wise for their condition and type.  There was a first time auction gal there who just had to have everything that was vintage clothing and had no idea when to stop bidding.  I just stood and watched and laughed to myself....but $200 for a 1940's hand made boring black dress with moth holes in it seems a bit ridiculous to me.  She obviously wasn't there to get a good deal.  
I did manage to snag a suitcase full of a variety of vintage clothing before the bidding got to high.  I think I just got lucky and it was overlooked by the vintage clothing feeding frenzy. :)

Here's the new project Sgt and I will be busy with for the next few months or so.  We have decided to become a foster family for a local pet rescue and have taken in our first foster dog on Monday.  His name is Chester and he ain't nothing but a hound dog, who just happens to like to lounge on my hey-wake furniture.  He's got good taste!

Our dog Raven is loving having a dog to pal around with versus all the cats.  She's actually starting to act like a dog again.  Chester was found a few months ago as a stray dog who they think was hit by a car?  He had bad road rash which leaves Sgt to think he was maybe dumped out of a moving car by someone? We'll never know for sure, but it's obvious that he was a very neglected dog.  He's been living for the last few months in a kennel waiting for a foster family.  Chester has now entered intensive doggie boot camp, learning important manners like, sit, stay, come, off, and no!  I am happy to report however, he is already create trained and house broken.  Yippy!!!


He is a very sweet guy and we have high hopes that with some new manners and a bit of stability to build his confidence, he will be one sought after doggie!

I'm running out of energy, so I will have to save my chicken update for another post!



  1. Wow, good for you keeping so busy. That is so nice of you two, helping that poor dog. People can be so cruel to their pets.

  2. Sounds like it's been a very busy and fun summer!

    I think it's absolutely awesome that you guys are fostering animals, and I'm sure Chester thinks so too!

  3. Good luck with the new booths! Congrats on becoming a foster mom! I've foster cats and found it to be rewarding to help them find forever homes. Good luck, Chester!

  4. Congrats on opening two booths! How exciting it must be for you. People pay an outrageous amount for "vintage" regardless of fit and/or condition. I use they want the prestige of buying original vintage.
    I very rarely buy vintage clothing simply because I'm no where near as small as women back then. Another reason is that I can make two or three items for the price of one. I can make it fit better and save some money.

  5. Glad you showed up! I was starting to worry about you!!!

  6. ok girlie! Give me the locations of where you're hocking your schtuff! haha

  7. Your booth looks great! I love the idea of using the lockers as a display!

  8. no way, how fun! which shop in qtown are you in? i must come check out your booth and buy things i have no room for. ;)

  9. Love your booth displays.Funny story about the girl being greedy about the clothes.Hope she knows how to mend the pieces she bought.thats a waste of money on tattered clothing that will probably fall apart.That doggie is so cute.I just adopted a kitten my son found abandoned at the school here.she is now one happy kitty.xx

  10. Hahaha that's my excuse too. Except the dog rescue (unless kids count). :P Took your advice and had a lovely lunch with MissCherryBubbles- will blog about that eventually!

  11. Oh wow, I love Quakertown - Sine's 5 &10 being one of my most fave Retro Roadmap discoveries - where is your booth? Would love to check it out, as you've always got great stuff!