Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kittens Times Two

As you all know, I've had the fun of trapping cute kittens in my back yard this past month. Four kittens total with one adopted and Mason's adoption pending! Yay!  Sounds like little Mason might be off to an awesome Siamese loving home.  So, here are the last two little ones of my back yard dumped kittens.....

This is the little charmer Max!  He was caught with his brother Mason at the same time.  He is the opposite in personality of little Mason.  He's a little charmer  with a big personality!  Loves to play, cuddle and purr.  Also likes dogs :) Even the ones that go out of their way to provide him with baths.  He's going to be a most excellent cat. 

His sister Twiggy is also still looking for her forever home!  She's also a cute tiger baby but the difference is she has little markings of orange throughout her tiger coat.  She has the most adorable orange dot right in the middle of her forehead.

As you can see from her video...she's a little lover and is also very laid back with a big purr! I am working with Gateway Regional Rescue to help them get adopted to  good homes.  The adoption will be done through Gateway and the adoption fee, which includes shots and neutering/spay, is $100.  If interested please send me an email!  



  1. Man I want me kitten so bad but our lease doesn't allow it. I hope they all find great loving, caring homes. Good luck!

  2. Aww, such cuties! I hope they get adopted soon!

  3. What lucky kittens they are to have you as a foster Mom. I'm sure you will find great homes for them. Love the gray one but I already have 3 and one wild one that we are trying to tame. We feed him and he sleeps in the garage till he decides we are a friend.

  4. OMG they are so cute.I would take them all if I could.My kitten I adopted in june is such a sweetie.I hope you find homes for them all.they look like wonderful babies.

  5. You are so kind to help these kitties! Thank you. I rescued 4 cats this holiday season as well, and they all got great homes. It was such a hard thing to do, but very worth it. I hope you are able to find these babes a home!

  6. Ooooh i smelted ! the tiger perfection :)