Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sunday

Another day another classroom! 

After spending the last few weeks subbing at the school SGT works at, I have developed quite a nasty cold. Thanks kids! Between  my subbing jobs, bead design job, and our antique booth, I'm quite the busy bee!  It's no wonder my immune system decided to take a vacation.  


Nothing beats spending a day in bed with all the cats,  hot tea, a bunch of magazines, lots of fluffy pillows and old quilts, and watching some film-noir movies!


Today's movie, a classic from 1950....D.O.A.

And because I'm one of those people who have a hard time just plain doing nothing, about every hour or so, I'm gonna get up and stretch and throw in a load of laundry!

Happy Sunday!



  1. Hi Mary, Happy Sunday to you! I seen your beautiful little chicken coop and fell in love! I want to bild one for myself. Do you have any kind of build plans for it?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Keena! Sgt built that himself....with a weeee bit of help from me here and there! We looked at a bunch of different chicken coops online and just kinda went from there. Yes, we winged it! There's lots of plans online that you can find...also check your library.

  3. Feel better, the colds this year are lingerers.

  4. Hope you're feeling better. My mom is in the same boat as you between my nephews and younger sister she gets exposed to colds rather easily. Tea and kitties always make me feel better.

  5. Landry is my favorite way of pretending I am being productive. WELL, someone has to do it! Feel better for sure.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Isn't that the difference between men and women, though? Men lay around and mope when they're sick and women always feel guilty and try to get stuff done when they should be resting! :)

  7. Thanks for the free movie. I've been waiting for DOA to show up on TCM, but always seem to just miss it (and forget to set the DVR).

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I do like kitties, but they would make me sneeze all the worse.