Monday, January 5, 2009

A very good day

I wasn't planning on having a great day... it just sort of happened all on it's own. Those are the best type of great days to have, the unplanned ones. After my belly dance class this morning, I was starving so I stopped off to have some breakfast at a little diner that I happen to pass on my way home. Now unlike some people I have no problems what so ever with eating alone. So I took a seat at the counter and instantly struck up a conversation with the senior citizen to my left as the person to my right was kinda scary! I had a yummy breakfast of home fries, eggs, and toast! There is just nothing better and cheaper then having breakfast in a diner filled with local chatty folks! And after wishing my counter buddy a good day, I paid my measly 5 dollar bill and hit the road. On my way home I spotted an auction along the road. As an auction junkie it had been awhile since my last fix so I figured I'd stop and have a look. Lets just say it wasn't looking very promising but then I spotted it sitting behind a big piece of furniture....a Heywood Wakefield side board! I scanned the crowd for my arch-nemisis ....the Heywood Wakefield dealer! He wasn't there!!! It was a crowd of Mennonites who know nothing about the holy grail that is Heywake furniture. Next question that pops into my head, how do I get the thing home? After a few phone calls, a mother and a sister who can lift heavy objects were found! HAZZAH! I waited 3 hours till the auctioneer finally got to my heywake piece and in the mean time I amused myself by buying a pyrex dish and some Boonton bowls. The bidding was vicious for my Heywake piece. It was me and an 80 year old Mennonite man. I was at a point when I was preparing myself to accidentaly kick his cane out from under him but then he reached his cash limit and stopped at $35! was all mine! Two nice auction men moved it for me and put it perfectly into the back of my car! The mother and the sister met me at my front door and that was that! Home sweet home!


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