Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Anonymous

Hello Dear Readers,
I wanted to take a moment and respond to a comment that was left by one of you. What you wrote made me really think about my feelings in regard to collecting vintage items. This is what anonymous wrote....

Anonymous said...

I am confused, why is it bad to buy something and sell it for profit? I know a lot of dealers that compete at estate sales etc, and some of them are mean people, but a lot of them are very nice people and do this for a living. I don't think it is evil, and it certainly doesnt warrant wishing bad things on someone, like that they dont sell anything at all. If I buy something for $5 and I can sell it for $100 then that is totally within my rights, conversley if I am trying to sell it for more than it is worth and someone buys it then that is that is their problem. I am a fan of your blog, but this one got my attention and I had to say something.

Dear Anonymous,
Just to clarify some things, I have never written that I didn't want him to be able to resell what he bought. I have also never stated that it's bad to buy something, resell it and make a profit on it. I linked to his auction because I'm amazed at what he wanted for his opening bid! Will someone come along and pay that much for a chair?? Probably! But it won't be me! It sounds like you might be taking things personally due to reasons that have nothing to do with me? You can disagree with me in regards to my opinion all you want but get the facts right about what I said before you respond to me.

Now, in regards to the EHD. I call him that simply because, if it's an advertised auction that has heywake listed for sale, my evil nemesis (An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome) the heywake dealer will be there. Meaning there will be less of an opportunity for me to be able to afford a piece of furniture... as I am cheap and don't have the money like he does. But what can I say, that is life and it seems that in regard to material things, who ever has the most money usually wins! When the EHD is not around I get heywake pieces at this price. Do I know if this guy is evil in real life?? No! But in regards to my heywake auction world, he will always be the evil heywake dealer.

Now, in regards to me as a person....do I buy from dealers? Yup! Do I try to promote other people's businesses so that more people can buy from them and they stay around? Yup! Do I believe in selling items for profit? Yup! Have I done it myself? Yup!

As for the comments by others left on my blog.... I have taken them in an empathetic, funny way and not meant as actually something mean or with the intention to do harm!

Perhaps Anonymous, you need to lighten up?



  1. it must be HIM commenting! HA HA HA~~~~~ hey lighten up Mr. shes not serious, there is a couple that goes around here and if I see their van I get pissed(they sell), becasue they are taking all the stuff I LIKE!!!

  2. I think dealers sometimes irk us because we are collectors and cherish such things..and they buy it to just sell it,they would rather have the money then the sentimental value.. but I love most dealers they find me great things :) but its frustrating when you see antiques overpriced collecting dust at the antique stores...

  3. I totally get Anon's opinion and do agree with the sentiments of being able to resell, and yes, if there is someone to buy at the asking price...yeeha!

    My issue is when someone makes a comment that they feel may trigger a reaction and they can't put their damn name on the opinion. If you have something to say at least be big enough to add your name...and this goes for all comments, not just negative ones.

  4. I'm with Dizzy Dame, my sentiments exactly!

  5. I have no problem with resale in general but I TOTALLY agree with you on the EHD. The annoyance comes when this person sweeps through and buys every single piece solely for the purpose of his own gain, and not giving a chance to ANYONE else who would actually appreciate and enjoy the furniture, or people who perhaps cannot afford the ridiculous EHD ebay prices and are hoping to find a bargain at a sale. There's a similar guy here, and it is very clear he has zero appreciation for the items at all, it is solely for profit. He'll literally *run* through the estate sales grabbing everything before anyone else has a chance to look - just so he can go out and make a buck for himself. It's a greedy, ugly practice, IMO.

    Oh and one of these days I promise I'm going to put that dress in the mail!

  6. I could care less if Anon the Dealer buys shit for $5 and sells it for $100 or even if they sell shit for more then it's really worth. Isn't that what everyone is doing now a days??

    I could go on and on about how the vintage market has changed over the years and what I think about it! But then I will really start offending people!

  7. Oh dear I think anon needs to get a life. I took your post with the intention I think it came- no one holds anything personal about dealers- we all need to get our stuff from somewhere- it is always just a tad disappointing and deflating when you know you are just going to get blown out of the water by someone because they have more spending power than you and I guess part of the attraction to collecting be it via auctions and thrifting is the thrill of the hunt and being able to find that one thing you have been aching for and know you will covet and care for. No one likes being pipped at the post, no one enjoys being outbid, we all have our bidding competition be it ebay or live auctions. I take your post with that intention- its just annoying but nothing personal.

  8. I agree MaryD. What bothers me is when people sell things for way above what they are really worth (even taking popularity into consideration) just because they are heywake, or pink or aqua etc. I believe that's taking advantage and wrong. There is nothing wrong in selling and making profit, it just bothers me when people take advantage of somethings popularity to make an obscene profit.

    As far as the EHD I think when someone like that goes to every frickin auction buying it almost all up like that is rude, sorry but that's what I think, it doesn't give anyone else a fighting chance. Maybe next one he'll get flaming diarrhea and have to leave, LOL, hehe, now that is a joke do I really want that to happen? Well........

    Glad to hear MrHissypants is now MrPurrypants! Yay! I knew he would come around. He is so darn adorable! Congrats on the pink HW chair too, it's amazing!

  9. You are right when you say that the comments left by the rest of us are just in the spirit of empathy and good humor. It's like rooting for your team against the opposing team, especially when yours is the underdog!

    And hey, all of us selling on Etsy or Ebay or whatever are trying to make a profit, but speaking for myself, the profit margin is pretty small. And I never hog all the goodies for myself!

  10. Mary, I guess what said about dealers was NOT personal, and this annon is wrong.
    But don't care about those kind of comments!
    When we post in blogs we are free to write what we want and what we think about EVERYTHING, and of course, there will be always people who doesn't think like us.

  11. Years ago I went to an Art Deco show in Los Angeles.

    Now everything there was priced waaaay out of my budget, but it was 1. A show promoted as Art Deco, 2. Retail-like, and the sellers had to have the inventory, pay the booth space, set it up, and hope to make a profit, so I couldn't fault them.

    But I picked up one of those little free antique magazines promoting local antiques dealers and such, and in it contained a scathing article about how Antiques Roadshow made every Mom and Pop think their junk was valuable.

    In other words, this antique dealer was mad that people were being informed that their "junk" might have some real value, and the antique dealers were angry about the cut into their profit.

    Understandable, but that's the way business goes.

    Another time I was at a local antique mall, and I overheard one of the owners/workers laughing and bragging about getting some old ladies' antiques at an outrageously low price.

    I was disgusted at the glee in which this guy was taking for having "gotten one over on the old lady", but from a business perspective, it behooved the lady to know what she had before agreeing to sell it at such a low rate.

    Still, I hate to see older folks taken advantage of, regardless. Bad karma, if you will.

    Mary, I found your post about the "evil dealer" to be all in good humor, with no ill intent. Simply frustration venting because we all want to find wonderful deals.

    But, in the world of blogging or chat boards, we will encounter those who don't always share our opinion.

    Never take criticism to heart, unless it comes from someone you respect. =)

  12. Mary definetly is not anti dealer as she is a wonderful customer at my shop and graciously promoted me on her blog.
    Some of us dealers and shop owners do this because we love vintage and want to be surrounded by it. It also pays for our own collecting. I love the life and all the great folks i meet like Mary.
    Hey there are nasty dealers and nasty cutomers. Thats life! What's important is that we all love the fabulous vintage buy!. Warm regards to all, JoAnn Slaugh