Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Finds

Did a little shopping this's what I scored!

50's red patent leather kelly handbag and a pair of 1950's slingbacks with lucite tipped heels.

A1950's two tiered fiber glass lamp shade.

Two very cool 50's wiggle skirts!


  1. Aw... I love your lampshade! And a handbag that goes *snap*! Love it. Sadly, I have acquired no material goods this weekend :)

  2. it kills me how you find these perfect lampshades!

  3. I love the handbag, I have wanted an authentic bag like that!

  4. and I in turn am digging the skirts- great work outfits!

  5. Crazy! My friend just gave me a lamp with that very same lampshade (she found it at a sidewalk sale for a dollar!), and I was just at another friend's house, and she had just gotten the same lampshade, too! Good things come in threes... but those two skirts are to die for! (Four? ;))

  6. that lampshade is VERY cool. will feature it on my blog, if you like... shoot me an email.