Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flashback in Hanover

I spent some time today in the town of Hanover, PA where I lived in the early years of my childhood. Why do I not realize until now how cool this little town is? I drove down Jefferson Street to take a peek at the first house I ever lived in. Wow, there use to be corn fields around my old house but now it's filled up with housing developments. YUCK! Then I drove down Diller road which is right around the corner to see the second house I lived in as a child. I was very disappointed to see the decaying condition of both houses. I guess the current owners don't believe in up keep on their properties... how sad. Then I continued driving down the street until I ran across the house of my dreams! A house I use to ride my bike past on the way to the park all the time when I was a kid. How did I not love this house as a child? How did I not remember this house? I must have been speeding past to fast on my hot pink bike with the banana seat. That damn bike that I would get my bell bottom pants stuck in because it didn't have a chain guard. *I walked home in my underpants, dragging my bike behind me quite a few times because of that missing chain guard. * Anyway, I just thank the sweet baby jebus that no one was behind me because I stopped dead in the street for this sweet little mid century dream house...who ever lives here is one lucky bastard.....

Onto the cool movie theater I use to go to as a child....poor sad theater now but still cool. Then onto York Street Treat for some ice cream. Yum!

Then of course I had to stop in at Yesteryear Antiques Center to check out what was in there. I found a deadstock 50's acetate blouse and a 40's feedsack skirt with cute pocket details.

I wish I had more time to spend in Hanover taking pictures of all the cool downtown buildings that I didn't appreciate when I was a kid. To learn more about what Hanover, PA has to offer check out their website...Welcome to Hanover. I'll definitely be going back sometime soon!


  1. That is the most incredible house! Someone obviously loves it--what great lines. Can't you just picture what the living room looks like with that great big chimney?

  2. Hanover is definitely cool. Isn't it funny how our perception changes when we return to the past?
    I've been by that very theater and thought the same, how cool the buildings in Hanover are.
    I also think Harrisburg is gorgeous, there are some gorgeous deco buildings there and the court house is ta die for.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. I can SO relate to the "bellbottom pants getting stuck in the chain of your bike and having to drag yourself to the side of the road" feeling because it happened to me too! I had a banana seat bike but mine was turquoise, wonder what ever happened to it?

    I'll have to check out Hanover in greater detail for Retro Roadmap! The only time we were in that area was when we visited all sorts of chip and pretzel factories, yum.

    Thanks for the inspirational photos, as always!

  4. There's a similarly styled house in Plains. My Grandmother knew the original owner and I guess it was THE house in the 50's. I think she said they had a wreck room downstairs. I go by all the time and think the same thing, "Lucky Bastards." LOL It still looks up to date and modern after all these years, but out of place when you see all the other traditional houses nearby.