Monday, March 22, 2010

Missing Time

For some unknown reason, there is a period of about 5 months in which I am missing letters that George sent to Fran. It simply stops over the summer and picks up again in November of 1941. It leaves me to wonder, did these letters get lost over the years? Did George not send letters to Fran? I find it hard to believe that George stopped writing Fran....My best guess is that they simply got lost over the years??

So, I give you....November 11 1941...wait till you read what George is up to now! It's not a very fun letter and I could just imagine how my grandmother felt when she read it! Oh got some explaining to do!

November 11, 1941


Instead of coming down Thursday night, and getting in a fight, again, with you, which seems to be our favorite pastime, that and crummy tap rooms, I decided to write instead.

I told you at one time if I ever felt different about you, or wanted to break us off, I would tell you. That's what I'm trying to do now, but you know how good I am at explaining things. So instead of messing things up like I usually do, I'll let you draw your own conclusion.

I guess I owe you more of an explanation, but what's the use of dragging things out. I don't believe it would make much sense to you anyhow. So lets forget about each other, and let bygones be bygones. We both made mistakes. So lets call our affair a mistake.


See gals....Men were just as dumb and confusing then, as they are now! And just to put your fears to rest...George "The Cad" DeVine did change his mind and Fran got her man!


  1. What? No materialistic shit?
    This is a great post.

  2. hahahaha...
    oh wait give them time...I'm sure some Anon will leave a nasty comment about me posting to much personal family crap soon!

  3. Oh no, that would have been an awful letter for Fran to get, I'm so glad that George got his act together in the end!

  4. honestly, just from the stories I've heard...I don't think George ever really had his act together....

    Lots of drinking and fighting!

  5. Oh gosh! I'm new to reading your blog, but this is great! I wish I had letters between my grandparents!

  6. Oh blimey! I wonder if maybe Fran destroyed the previous five months of letters because she was so upset at what was happening at this time?

    Very sad. :(

  7. maybe they were fighting when there were no letters!

  8. It would be interesting to know what happened just before that letter was written! But think about many guys write to tell you if they want to break it off? He was still interested. Zootsuitmama

  9. I came across your blog by hitting "next blog" - and I have to tell you I love it! I've come across some weird stuff while blog lurking, but as a vintage clothing fan I appreciate your blog and your grandfather's letters. How awesome to have those in your possession.

  10. Hmmm it is strangely comforting to know that men have always been impossible to figure out! How could he break up with her in a letter like that without any real explanation? It's sort of like breaking up with somebody via text message... or on a post it note like in that episode of Sex in the City! Ha ha this post made me a little grumpy because I'm sure we've all been in Fran's situation at one time or another and know how little fun it is! Love reading the letters though, please don't stop!

  11. This actually made me feel a bit better, knowing that men have always been dumb as both you and Ruby Roulette point out. Sometimes they just don't see or get what's right in front of them or it takes them a while to get it like with George. Can't wait to see how he got out of this. :)