Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slumber Party

Slumber Party:
a house party at which young teenage girls, dressed in nightclothes, spend much of the night in talk, eating, games, etc.

Slumber Party Games:

Light as a feather:
Lay a person down and they have to be really relaxed...
there are 3-4 people on each side of the one laying down and one person whose job it is to massage
the temples of the person laying down and tell them a story.
The person laying down must be completely relaxed and focusing on the story.

The other people all put 2 fingers under the one laying down, once the story is done
everyone except the person laying down starts chanting "Light as a feather stiff as a Board"
slowly with all the fingers still under the person on the floor the person will start floating/rising.
Do not stop chanting until they are up in the air and you must keep your fingers there in case
they fall.

This has never worked at any slumber party I was ever at....though there was much talk about it occurring at other people's slumber parties.

Truth or Dare:

A game in which each player in turn must either truthfully answer a question, or perform a dare.

Prank Calls:
Which include calling random boys you have crushes on and hanging up! This probably doesn't work the same as it did then .... with all the caller id people have today...it really takes the fun and mystery out of a good prank phone call!


Rice Crispy Treats
Snack Food..Pop corn, chips, pretzels...etc
Ice cream

Liquor! (for those older slumber parties)


Sleeping bag and pajamas

Various makeup items for glamour sessions

cute boys phone numbers.

This random Mary Deluxe flashback moment provided by my newest Goodwill find......... A $6.75 pair of Nick and Nora Pajamas with tags still on! Pink flamingos, MCM house, and chartreuse green...how can you not love em! Slumber Party @ DeluxeVille!! No Boys ALLOWED...unless you drive a hot rod and want to take me out parking! *wink wink*


  1. OMG! We so did that! I remember that light as a feather stiff as a board game. We'd all get board and start playing truth or dare. Talk about bringing back old memories!

  2. Memories!
    I'd like to add the compulsory viewing of very scary horror movie/videos. I will always associate Sam Raimi's Evil Dead with a slumber party I went to when I was 13 or 14. We spent the entire movie screaming/giggling ourselves silly!

  3. Those PJ's are sooo cute! :) You can not beat the feeling of wearing cute new pajamas...

  4. Oh man! This makes me want to have a slumber party with my friends this weekend and pretend we're teenagers again! I love it!

  5. I have several versions of those PJs, and matching bedsheets! I LOVEEEEE Nick and Nora bedsheets

  6. Oh man! I have been looking for those. Are they the summer version or the flannel? I love the flamingos and little trailers with snow on them, too. Cute! Zootsuitmama

  7. Such a great post. I'm always trying to convince my girls to do a grown up liquor filled slumber party.

  8. I love that flamingo print, I have those PJs and I have the vanity case, make up bags etc etc in it, yeah I love it!! That's a good find for that price.

    I'd love to do a real grown up slumber party that would be so cool!

  9. Sadly, I never got to go to any slumber parties... but didja ever do the "first person to fall asleep gets their bra stuck in the freezer" bit? ;)


  10. Sign me up for your slumber party, I will bring snacks !! I have had and attended many as I was growing up and I have such fond memories of them. I often look at the Nick and Nora jammies but resist buying them perhaps I should give in.........

  11. I've got those PJs and so does my 7 year old niece! We had a ton of sleepovers and slumber parties from 5th grade on- love'd em!

  12. I haven't been to a slumber party for aaaages, i really want to have one now! x

  13. We did the first person who falls asleep got toothpaste in their hair. Funny the things we did as kids.