Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Belated Birthday Wish

Happy Belated Birthday to my big brother who turned the "BIG 40" on Monday!

Me and my big brother! Santa apparently came to town!

I was a very sloppy eater but at the same time extremely glamorous with my cool sun glasses and hands on hips pinup pose! I see my big brother was working the patriotic angle. Check out my sweet ride...with a banana seat! I'm so freakin retro, I can't stand myself!


  1. My little sister had that exact same play table and chairs! So many memories of sitting at that table as my brother and I drew pictures of what we thought Graceland looked like. I loved Elvis then, too.

  2. Rhoooo you are so cute with your pink bike !! ;)

  3. Hey! My oldest brother was 40 on Monday as well. Separated at birth?

  4. We had that same table and chairs but in green and orange - ah the 70's!

  5. OMG my cousin had those chairs and OH how I loved them and wanted them to be MINE. Funny, I have never seen those at thrift stores, pretty and red. LOL