Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wooly Bully

I went off this morning to a box lot auction at one of my favorite places to snoop around. I often find some darn good things when I'm hunting around in boxes at this auction place. I wasn't really expecting to get anything on my measly little $20 budget, so I went mostly to have a look see. I also like to listen to the dealers talk when I'm there...they spend a lot of their time complaining about each other and how hard it is for them to find a good bargain anymore because there's so much competition out there for it. *insert MaryDeluxe chuckling quietly to herself here* This is my theory on auction and need to be smart and good at predicting what will be in high demand before it is and buy it when nobody else wants it. If you wait to start buying it when it's the hot new thing, of course you're going to have more competition and pay more for it. DUH! *insert eye roll*

Okay, back to my box lot buys! Yes, I bought some things and I stayed under budget! I was really shocked with all the dealers there, none of them wanted wool blankets?? Oh well, I win. Look what I got for $15! Bonus is.... they are in minty condition with no moth holes and smell like cedar. (I LOVE that smell!)

2: WWII Wool Military Blankets
Vintage Jacobs Oregon City Mills Wool Blanket


2: Vintage 40's North Star pink plaid wool throws
Vintage 40's quilt style comforter

My favorite buy of the day... a vintage Hudson Bay Company4 point wool blanket! Isn't the color lovely!

Who's going to be warm and toasty this winter? Oh yeah, me!


  1. Ooh you lucky gal! That's exactly what I need, warm snuggly things!x

  2. oh I wish they had box lot auctions around me! Great finds!

  3. The first one is incredible, I have been looking for something just like that. More fool those dealers.

  4. You really know how to shop. Fabulous blankets !!!

  5. What fantastic buys, well done!Silly dealers!

  6. Ok, I'm jealous! Of course, any wool blanket in my house would immediately have cat hair embedded in its weave, so maybe it's just as well...

  7. I just gave you a blog award!!! I know you get them all the time, but I couldnt help it! I just love your blog so much!!!!


  8. Make that two awards - congratulations!

  9. Lovely- I have quite a few of those- some in the original boxes. Here's hoping they get hot and bring some $$!

  10. Oh! and by the way, I gave you a "One Lovely Blog Award" today! I always have fun reading your blog, and I have SERIOUS house envy. Your decor (and especially your kitchen) is to die for!


  11. Ooh, great score! Enjoy keeping warm this winter!