Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love Your Mr......

Why I'm keeping him reason #2....

When I'm feeling blue and missing him, he takes the shirt that he is wearing off (his favorite shirt btw) and over-nights it to me in the mail.....just so I can feel closer to him. He also includes a little love note of encouragement.


That's why I'm keeping him. A great way to make your girl cry Sgt....

I'm a lucky girl.

To see reason #1 go here (He builds things with his hands)
To see why he keeps me...see the post below! :)


  1. aaawww...now I'm all weepy! That is so darn sweet!

  2. what a wonderful man! it's amazing that once you meet the right guy that you realize just how wrong all of the other ones were. (currently going through this myself!:)

    again, i'm so happy for you!

  3. so lovely, I'm so glad you found each other, you seem to fit like two peas in a pod, it's nice when that happens isn't it? I never feel wrong when I call my husband my other half, because that's exactly what he is, we are 2 halves making a whole :o)

  4. How lovely!!!!!!! You are a lucky girl and I wish you two all the best and a very happy future together.

  5. Wow, you found a great guy! Waiting for the right bus pays off. :)

  6. That is quite possibly the most romantic thing I've ever heard of.