Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For My Chicago Vintage Lovers

Hello Dolls and Gents!

I was contacted today by Kathy from ReCollections Ltd, who wanted to let me know about a huge estate sale that they are having this weekend in the Chicago area. Now, some of you are thinking, well so what, lots of estate sales happen across the country everyday, what's so special about this one? Well, Kathy wanted to let me know that this estate sale featured a fab Moss DeLee Hawaiian girl lamp that I raved about wanting to own someday in this post!

Here's the picture from the sale.....Kathy says the lamp also has the original shade too! OMG! Then I also looked at the other pictures of the sale and began to droll upon my key board! No kidding if I lived any where near this place I would be camping out on the front lawn the night before!


A few more pictures to make you drool! It's so not fair that I'm the only one drooling.... so I'll share and we can all sit at our keyboards in puddles of open mouthed drool! If only I lived closer and wasn't on a self imposed budget!! DANG!!




All pictures are taken from the ReCollections Ltd website and they have more pictures over there to look at so bop over and have a peek! Please somebody in the Chicago area.... go buy things and take lots of pictures so I can see what you snag.

Now back to the chicken coop for MaryDeluxe!



  1. I might swing by the sale, it looks amazing but I know competition will be fierce and the weather is so awful here that I can't fathom standing outside in line! Unfortunately I don't have a car so it will also take me an 1 1/2 commute to get there. I'll let you know if I make it to the sale!

  2. Holy hell that's some auction, if I had cash I've fly over for it!

  3. wooooooooowww this is amazing! i'm only a 2.5 hour drive away, and this looks amazing! i doubt i'll make it over, but i can't wait to see these items in the shops i visit on my Chicago trips.. haha

  4. You kill me! Ohhhhhhhh how I'd love to have those colorful cups, and that mermaid!!!!

  5. Oh. My Gawd!! I'm in heaven! Grab the tent and sleeping bags, let's go!

  6. Oh, how I wish I was near Chicago for this and not down in TN! :-(

  7. In a weird coincidence I just read a post elsewhere by someone who went to this exact sale. He said the awesome Hawaiian lamp was $325 and had a chip on the head and someone colored it in with a marker. $325! I would have staggered out the door in delerium had I been there.

  8. Danger Will Robinson and I must know the same person who commented on the Moss lamp's condition :)

    My friend scored big at this sale yesterday and today so thanks for posting this on your blog because I passed the info on to him!

  9. Hiya -- Kathy here from Recollections, Ltd. -- it was indeed an awesome sale and we really appreciated all the support of the local community and I know that some came quite a distance to shop. The house was almost empty when we closed up Saturday afternoon.

    The crazy blue velvet sofa and loveseat will be installed in a downtown vintage clothing store in the shoe department, and a lot of the mermaid stuff will be sold through a funky vintage shop in Iowa.

    As for the Moss lamp -- I just want folks to know that we never ever "fix" anything or try to be deceptive about condition -- since it's a sale and not an auction, everyone is welcome to get as close as they want and examine it for as long as they need to. We didn't color her in ... that's not how we roll. It was simply an awesome lamp that was practically perfect in every way ... and a real honor to have one to sell.

    I hope some of you within driving distance will either "like" our facebook page or click into our website and get on our mailing list ... ya never know what gets unearthed in a Chicagoland estate!