Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Master Bedroom Project

This is a big project that has been slow and steady in the winning the race department. How did I know that my simple request..."Please build me a walk in closet in the master bedroom"...would turn in to Sgt's nightmare? But really, you can't put the hardwood floors down or build a closet until the floor beam above the kitchen gets replaced. Sgt deserves a round of applause as he has been the one to take on most of this never ending project. But not to worry, I get the pleasure of re doing the master bathroom this Summer! So, I'm sure I'll get mine soon enough.

Before: Shot of the master bedroom. Don't mind his mess, remember, he's a straight man and a me, I was very happy to see his bachelor pad looking like this when we started dating, it proved to me that he was in fact single! So ladies don't be so hard on a guy who's a little however, if you can't find the floor to walk across it due to all his dirty clothes, well then, that's another story and he probably needs a maid not a girlfriend.


In Progress: Look at the formation of my walk in girly closet below! All that lovely space for all my girly vintage things! Oh and I'm sure there will be a little space for some of Sgt's things too. ;-)


Before: I took this shot from where the new closet is . The old closet and door are now gone! Part of the wall has been removed to open up the room and let more light in. The yucky wall to wall carpet was also removed to make way for the hardwood floors Sgt and I bought at auction. Since the back stairs only lead to the master bed room there really is no need for a door. The stairs on the other side of the house lead to the other two bedrooms. Gotta love old farm houses.


In Progress: See closet gone. Door way gone. Wall gone. Just waiting on the electrician to come out and move the wires. Then it's on to the rest of the dry wall and finishing up the hardwood floors! Then I get to paint and layout the walk in closet. I'm dreaming of color combinations as we speak. Fun times ; ) Poor Sgt's aching back.....I think Sgt must really love his MaryDeluxe!



  1. Oh gosh how I would love a walk in closet, there is rarely enough room in UK houses :o( Although I do have a spare bedroom for clothes eeek

  2. You are a very lucky gal to have such a wonderful and handy man! What I would give to have a walk in closet! BTW I LOVED your old place! Such style!

  3. it's looking really good,can't wait to see it finished.