Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bakelite in My Future?

My upcoming Birthday next month means only one thing....Birthday presents for MaryDeluxe!!! This year I think I'll try to snag a few pieces of bakelite for myself from an upcoming auction. I haven't been to an auction in really long time....I have been so so good on my budget and I have also been working like a crazy woman. So, what better time then to treat myself to something frivolous then on my Birthday. There is going to be 40-50 pieces of yummy bakelite there and here's a few pieces that are the cat's meow! Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

This is my favorite piece followed by my next favorite...





These are just some of the outstanding pieces of bakelite. There is also a nice selection of the basics.....pins, bangles, and etc. Do you have a favorite piece of bakelite jewelry?

Happy Vintage Hunting,


  1. That bracelet with the strawberries is amazing! Droolworthy!
    The number one item in my Bakelite wish-list is a big red puffy heart pin, the kind that dangles from an arrow.
    Hmmm...someday :-)

  2. I have a book about bakelite jewelry and drool about it sometimes. But I own only a pair of earrings and a fake bracelet (I think it's fake, never tested it). And I'm on a budget now, haha. These look really nice!

  3. Yes, my prefer are : a pin with big red cherries, and some pastel floral bracelets, I put them especially in the summer. But would like to have the bracelets inlaid in green or burgundy.

  4. Ooooh they are all so pretty.I love the one with the strawberries on it.

  5. Ooh, they're gorgeous. I love the first one! I don't own any bakelite (it's very, very expensive over here and I'm far too poor for the prices charged) but I love looking at other people's collections :)
    -Andi x

  6. Bakelite jewelery is so fashionnable nowadays.... so the price are so high!!!! I love to wear a bakelite bracelets or earings but seing a necklace sold more than $500 it's definitly CRAZY!!! There are so much vintage plastic jewelery from the 50's so nice and much more cheap!

  7. The first piece is amazing! Hope you get it! The second piece reminds me of frozen mixed vegetables :), which I would totally wear in bracelet form.

  8. The first piece is gorgeous, I hope you get it! I don't have any bakelite jewellery as it's so expensive and I'd be frightened of breaking it... I had some gorgeous bakelite bamboo effect buttons crushed to pieces in the mail and have been wary of buying anything else.

    Of the very few bakelite household things I have, my favourites are two napkin holders in the shape of Scottie dogs that were my nanna's, one is bright red and the other is green.

  9. I sadly don't own any bakelite. I do like that second bracelet though, lovely!

  10. Oh I don't have much of a bakelite collection either. I picked a few bangles up here and there if the price is right. No cherries or amazing pieces, just basic bangles!


  11. Good luck miss Mary. I agree with other ladies, it is so cute, but so expensive!
    x Molly

  12. BAKELITE!! nothing beats vintage bakelite for your birthday! ;)