Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DeluxeVille Blog Lovin

Hey Cats and Kittens..... MaryDeluxe ran across a blog the other day that you all might enjoy checkin out too. Hepcat's Restorations Decor & Nostalgia from the 1940's-1960's If you haven't been there yet, you should stop on over....trust me, not only will you be drooling from all of the eye candy but you'll also learn a thing or two about designers from the mid-century and get to see Shane and Mel doing some fab restoration projects. This couple is even more crazy for lamps then I am....can you believe that!? I want that one and that one and the one over there!




See, I told you! Totally drool worthy and a fab collection of some amazing things! I also really enjoy checking out the before and afters of their restoration projects! Have fun reading, I sure did!


*all pictures belong to HepcatRestorations!


  1. Hey-hey, you found my friend Hepcat! Is it not THE greatest & most fun vintage blog! They are an incredible couple & his talents are boundless. Glad you found it.

  2. MaryDeluxe,

    Thanks so much for the great post about our blog. You're right, we do have an obsession with lamps. Dare we say..we have our eye on a couple more?!

    Anyway, we cruised your site and we love it. You have a good eye for design. We'll make sure to add you to the "Cat's Meow" section of our blog.

    Shane & Mel

  3. I found this through Sponge Curlers and flipped over it!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Hepcat! Love love love the lamps.

  5. How beautiful.I am drooling how gorgeous everything is.Thanks so much for sharing.I am always looking for good decorating blogs.xx

  6. How Cute! I have met Mel and Shane, they are adorable, I sold them the Carlo of Hollywood desert(smaller) prints shown in the first photo. They are such passionate collectors and their home looks amazing!

  7. Thanks for the link! Your blog is wonderful! :) x