Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vintage Partner

Some of you are married, some of you are single, some of you have steadies. What I want to know is....If you are into vintage as a lifestyle choice, is your partner also?? Do you need a vintage partner to complete you? Is it easier to live your life style when someone else understands it and has a passion for it too? I'm sure this question can be said of many interests? It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. What do you think?

I got my cd from atomic cheesecake studios and look how cute it is! And no you will never see the whole picture so don't bother asking! hehehe I'm saving it for my future vintage husband.


  1. As a single girl I don't think it is vital that they be into the vintage/retro lifestyle but if I did have a fella it would be nice for them to have some interest or at least respect and understanding for my lifestyle choices.

  2. Me and my steadie are both vintage freaks. We love the forties and fifties style. Most of the things (furniture, kitchen utensils) in our house are from that era. Also our clothing. I think you both need to have the same dedication to live like this. And it's so nice to share it one who understands...

  3. My husband has zero interest in vintage anything. He tolerates my interest well but really compliments me most when I wear modern clothing. :P

    Our house is modern and pretty much inside is a compromise of styles.

    His lack of interest in dressing vintage works for us because I dont like to be stared at which I think we would be if he also dressed in vintage. Also we have more varied activities since we're not focused on the same things. But I think also it'd be great if he ever said Hey! There's an antique faire! Let's go load up!

    Your CD picture is adorable!

  4. You little tease............hehe.................
    Both hubby and I are 'vintage' in our house ,clothes, interests, cars, well everything. We have some not so vintage friends and they just don't 'get it' so I think a partner who is interested in the similar things that you are really helps. They understand the need for more lamps and petticotes and love to go to antique malls and markets.

  5. Hi
    I really didn't blink, and here I am. I've been a vintage enthusiast for 10 years or so. I'm portuguese, and in Portugal, one just doesn't come across any vintage clothing. At the most one finds stuff from the 70's, but that's pretty much it.
    I've dated all sorts of fellows (don't get this the wrong way) but no vintage enthusiasts, and so even though I kept my retro style, I never did fight enough to get my hands on some vintage goods, because none of my exboyfriends would understand and be pleased by a head to toe vintage girl.
    Recently I've met the one I believe to be THE one, and he is just like me.
    And you know what?sharing this passion really made a huge difference. I'm now trying to keep up with my 10 lost years in missed vintage goods, and fighting hard on ebay for the best deals. And I feel totally different and more confortable with myself. I'm also stuck with a retro wardrobe that I want to fully replace by original vintage clothes or faithfull reproductions. And then, I'm on to furniture!
    Thanks for letting me share this with whoever wants to read it!

  6. My fiancee and I met at a WWII dance and we are both really heavy into vintage lifestyles. In fact, our long-term plan is to open a resale shop for reenactors and people that want to live historical lifestyles. Our wedding is 1950s/rockabilly at a bowling alley (see my blog www.tartdeco.blogspot.com for more details- it will be getting featured in Rockabilly Magazine later) and we plan on going completely vintage once we get a house.

    I LOVE being with someone who likes it and I get into it even more now than I did before. I have found my soul mate for sure and this makes it that more obvious to me.

  7. my husband is not super in to vintage.
    but he is into building hotrods and working on bikes.
    so It all works out.

    I am into very tradtitional vintage and not so much rockabilly so I dont fit in with the scene so much, but we still go to car shows and stuff.

  8. My husband likes also vintage style, not so much as I do but it is ok with him, he had done things for me, like when we dressed like the 30's and had a photoshoot in the middle of the mall where everybody was able to see us!..of course he was telling "I'm gonna kill u" hahahahah..but then when he saw the picture he forgot everything!
    Even if I don't wear vintage cloths everyday (I would like to) I REALLY love vintage and of course it is nice that your life partner enjoy the same as you, that's something we do together, I mean, we have our ouwn space to do what we like but but is nice share same likes.
    .........Ufffffff, sorry!! My english is not so good and I don't know the correct words
    =( BUT I'm trying to express my idea and I hoe u got it.
    You look GREAT in that photo! What a pitty you won't show the rest

  9. Thanks for sharing your stories with me ladies! It seems to me that to have a happy relationship it's important to find someone who also shares the same interests as you. I guess this can be said really of all kinds of things.

    I have dated guys who have not had any interest in the vintage lifestyle and things really never seem to work out to well. I think it's very hard for a man to date me if he isn't into the whole vintage scene or at least very tolerate because I live it in such a complete way and I'm really to old to change for anyone at this point. Woe is me...my friend seems to think I should plan on spending the rest of my life alone.

    My ex that I lived with for 6 years was a greaser so he enjoyed the old car thing but could care less about anything else. Which worked out fairly well...he never went to one auction with me and most of the time he would be okay about the things I brought home.... every now and again he would ask why the heck I bought "that" ?? Then I would just simply remind him that the house was mine and the garage was his and did he want me to come out there and ask him why he needed a whole box of carburetors? Problem solved! He was also very good about allowing me to dress him and loved wearing the vintage shirts and things I would buy him. He was quit the snazzy dresser if I do say so myself! :)

  10. My ex fiance loved vintage,it made my life a lot easier. He didn't mind living in 50's pink madness. But a love of vintage isn't always enough to keep people together and when I met my husband he is NOT into it at all. He appreciates when I get all dolled up but as far as the home decor we fight tooth and nail about things. Basically the agreement is we need a house with a basement so he can have his man den and shut up and give me total control of the rest of the house,haha!

  11. hmmm I am not sure what the magic mix is. My ex partner had similar tastes to me but did not like my friends- so I was often (too often) going out by myself. I think if and when I repartner it has to be someone that can accept my friends and me!

  12. My husband is a bit more on the "tolerates it" side. Actually, I don't think he'd mind the vintage decor and things around the house, if I could just keep it neat and clean!

    He's currently really into vintage cowboy shirts, and loves old cars, so I guess we have some appreciation in common. Just wish he loved the thrifting/estate sales/antiquing as much as I do!

  13. Well, this current husband is a keeper. We are not exact carbon copies ..but we are bookends.

    We both love vintage very much and it is our goal and desire to be surrounded in it, and live an old school life as much as possible.

    I think also, the gentleman that he is ...is a complete reflection of his old school values and morals. I love it. It compliments me very well.

    On a topical level, we love all things old school, tiki, vintage, whatever you want to call it.. at a deeper level we have the same goals, dreams and desires as a couple...and alot of those goals and desires are pretty "old school." You know, family, children, a nice home.

    When you have commonality, things fall into place easier, you both are on the same track..so to speak.

  14. It helps that my husband and I both love vintage and also contemporary life. We love vintage enough for it to inspire us however we are able to keep from being a typical rockabilly couple. It is really fun though that we have that same love for old music, cars, clothes, furniture, etc.

  15. I am not a big vintage dresser (some times)though I have the clothes, my boyfriend tolerates eveything :( he dosent even know my music!!! I am alone in this! as for my house I have couches that are his that I HATE!

  16. I just found your blog, let me say it is quite amazing and I adore it.
    I think it makes it so much easier and more enjoyable when your better half is into the same lifestyle. My boyfriend of a year and a half is in to the vintage lifestyle and he loves my style. We share the same obsession with all things vintage like cars, furniture, dancing, music, movies etc. The way he dresses has a 1950s feel but sadly everything he wears is new. When we met he didnt own one thing vintage and slowy I am filling his wardrobe with vintage stuff and now he loves it.
    We are even moving into a house this july that was built in the 1950s and I plan on restoring and furnishing the house circa late 40s early 50s.
    Ps. I loved reading everyones comments!