Saturday, April 4, 2009


What does any independent, single, home owner gal do when she has something unplanned go wrong with her house??? That's right she calls her Daddy to come save her! It's not like I don't enjoy the sound of waterfalls but I just don't want them inside my house. I particularly don't want them when they fall down from my living room ceiling onto my sofa. DAMN you stupid plumbing thingamajig that went wrong.

Now the hole wasn't that big....I punched a hole in the dry wall to see just what the hell was going on... I have mad skills like that and I have determined that yes, I indeed have a leak! I am brilliant!!!


  1. HA HA!

    In addition to being brilliant you're also fantastically technical :P

    "stupid plumbing thingamajig "

  2. This *is* one of the ways those husband-thingies come in handy :)

  3. Mary, you are a 24 carat DELUXE handy gal! but some jobs we all need help with and that's where daddys and family come in handy!
    Not sure about it being a reason to bag a hubby, but fit men 'do' look good in dungarees/work clothes with the right amount of designer grease smeared on their faces, like a vintage silver screen open cockpit flyer! bucket of ice and cold shower coming up!

  4. Forget knight in shining armour....I need a plumber with handy wrenches and good soldering skills, riding in a white work van to arrive at my door!

  5. Hey Mary hope it all got sorted out! Have a great Easter... Very much enjoying your posts! michele xx