Friday, August 7, 2009

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Another Time Vintage Apparel

Many times people will ask me where exactly do I get my vintage clothes from? Like many of you, I do buy some items on the internet from various sites. We all know of many great places to find vintage clothing online but I would also like to share with you, my DeluxeVille readers, some of the local places I like to go to shop! I really do prefer to buy from local vintage shops for many different reasons.... I like to try my clothes on before I buy them to make sure they fit right and I like to help support my local vintage shops to keep them around.

One of my all time favorite places to shop for vintage clothing is, Another Time Vintage Apparel, which is owned by Suzanne Plitt. I have been an avid follower of Another Time Vintage for many, many years! What can I say, she always has good stuff. You might have heard me talk about this fabulous place before and how I was so sad that Suzanne had closed her shop doors. But, I'm happy to report that Suzanne only closed her shop for a short while and she's now open and running again! If that wasn't good enough for me, she has also expanded and now has an ETSY store too! That's right all my not so close DeluxeVille readers, you can also enjoy the fun of shopping for vintage with Suzanne! And let me just say, Suzanne is lots of fun to shop with and loves to help you find the perfect vintage outfit. I have yet to leave her store without a smile on my face and a shopping bag in my hand!

Bette Be Good Etsy Shop named after her very bad but adorable doggie!
Another Time Vintage Apparel The Fabulous Website

Now for a tour of Another Time Vintage Apparel!

Another Time Vintage Apparel
49 North Main Street
Shrewsbury, Pa 17361

(717)235- 0664
Hours : Fri, Sat, Sun


  1. Thanks Mary! I have added the Etsy shop to my favorites.
    As for the "real" shop.....what can I say? I think I'd be in heaven if I had a full vintage shop to like that to get lost in!!

  2. Ah! I wish there were a vintage store in my least in the state!! I haven't found any!! I'm sure there must be somewhere there.......
    This store looks nice, I saw a hat I would like to have!
    Perhpas some day I'll go to USA and visit some vintage stores........

  3. What a wonderfully lovely looking shop! I live in Toronto and have found the many vintage shops are either based on incredibly expensive stock of true vintage pieces (miles above my budget) or full of retro 70s and 80s pieces. I'd love to find a store in my neck of the woods like this one. Thank you for sharing it with us, if I ever go to Shrewsbury, I know where I'll be stopping first!

    Have a fantastic weekend, hon!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Fabulous article. I know Suzanne from the VFG. Lovely lady and what a great vintage store. I would happily spend all day (and the next) in there if I were lucky enough to live close by! Great photos too!