Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rusty Lawn Chair

One chair done!

I never made it to auction today. I discovered that Mr. Runty kitten had swollen crusty paws...he didn't have them yesterday and he was the only one who had them today?? I called the vets to make an appointment and then stayed close to home. The vet said he thinks he is having an allergic reaction to something? As long as it's not ringworm...GROSS, GROSS, GROSS...I'm okay with an allergic reaction. The vet said he doubts it's ringworm as all the cats would have it and Runty is the only one. THANK GOD! When I was a child I had gotten ringworm from a kitten and I so do not want it again. Thank goodness I have the cats away from my house kitties and I always wash my hands after being with them.

One more chair to go!

Yes, that's what they looked like before! The bolts are rusted on this chair and not so easy to get apart! I haven't figured out how I'm gonna get this bastard apart yet?? The fella got me a tiny hand saw to cut the bolts with. I hope he knows that he's gonna be the one doing this and not me? :)


  1. You have such a wonderful creative eye for landscaping. I am truly jealous.

  2. Those tables and chairs are wonderful - Wish I could find something similar over here in blighty!

  3. It looks great! We should be able to get the other one apart...the fella

  4. Thanks Fella! I'm going out to work on that right now....wish me luck because then you'll have nothing to do!

    Jenny...I'm sorry to hear you don't have old vintage metal lawn furniture. How depressing :( I find them all the time over here at auctions.

    Thanks Fancy Pants...I think having an eye for landscape design runs in my family! It seems we all have crazy gardens happening...hmmm we should have started a landscape business!

    Thanks Paisley!

    Fingers crossed on Mr. Runty's health Bettie!