Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vintage JoAnn


Another place I love to stop and shop when I'm in the town of Red Lion is Vintage Joann! Owned by none other then JoAnn Slaugh.... oh and by the way JoAnn, I LOVE your hair color! But what can I say DeluxeVille readers, I'm partial to redheads! Okay, back to vintage shopping. I have visited VJ many times and have always found a wonderful mix of vintage and modern vintage inspired items to pick through. Oh, and this past time, JoAnn had a basket of free rice krispie treats to munch on as you shop. Hello, yes I said free... who does that anymore? Of course I had to have one! Vintage JoAnn's is located in a very cute Victorian house and offers a wonderful, charming shopping experience. Whenever I visit, I just want to sit and relax in one of her oversized, fluffy chairs with the cat or the dog and read a book as I eat rice krispie treats! It's like a complete vintage, girly, zen experience. Oh, and trust me, there's no way you won't find one, two, three or four things to buy!

Vintage JoAnn... JoAnn's Blog!!

Vintage JoAnn
100 West Broadway
Red Lion, PA 17356
(717) 246-3818
Hours: Wed-Sat


  1. Can I please come visit you and go shopping? ;]

  2. i am green with envy! we just don't have stores like that where I live. sigh. we're planning a trip to Michigan in the spring and all I plan to do is find thrift/antique shops to browse. thank goodness for etsy/ebay and all the rest or I'd never find anything!

  3. this place looks like one of my dreams!! i will def be popping on when i am in PA next! And i also love dream is to have bright, red hair (like yours!) :-)

    hope you're having a fabulous weekend

  4. Thanks so much for stopping in and the fabulous post. I just love your blog so much! Looking forward to seeing you again.

  5. Hi JoAnn! You have a lovely store! I don't get into RedLion often but when I do you are a must stop!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you enjoy reading it!

    Hope to see you soon!

  6. Oh my gosh! It's sooooo close to me! I was shocked to see Red Lion in print :)
    Thank you! I know where I'm going next week.