Monday, February 23, 2009

37 Things...

Every year around my Birthday, I make a list of things things that I want to try to accomplish in that year of my life. I have seriously delayed my list making this year.... I'm already 13 days into my 37th year and I still have no list... time to get started!

  • Be more spontaneous.... I've been stuck in a little rut lately!
  • Make at least one new friend this year.
  • Do something that really scares me.... roller coaster, air plane....
  • Purge the clutter from my life.
  • Start my own business.... ideas???
  • Go back to school and take some classes.
  • Run a 5k....have I mentioned that I hate running!!!
  • Visit the in the surf....swim with a dolphin!
  • Take more dance classes...
  • Run away for a weekend without a destination.
  • Shower in a waterfall.
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty
  • Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony wearing a kimono.
  • Stay in the best suite in a 5 star hotel.
  • Learn to knit.
That's enough for now 12 more to go.....


  1. Well although we don't live near you, my wife and I have become fans of your blog. Consider us friends, so you can scratch one off the list!

  2. I would gladly teach you how to knit in exchange for some of your dollar finds! Great blog!

  3. Husband....I meet the coolest people online...internet is so cool yet so evil! One down 36 to go! Thanks for reading!

    Bombshellshocked....We might just have to do that!

  4. Hi there ! I really enjoy your blog, but your list really struck a chord with me , so I had to come out of lurking mode. I highly recommend starting a business and with your creative spirit you are in a great position to do so ! Starting a business brought me some great new aquantinces and a couple of true blue friends that have enriched my life .
    You have alot of time to work on those goals - Hawaii would be a great place to swim with those dolphins , shower in that waterfall and stay in that 5 star hotel !

  5. Senorita Hollywood.... going to Hawaii would also take care of doing something I fear....flying!! lol