Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deluxe Freebies and Cheapo Things

As you all know from earlier posts, I am trying to de-clutter my life. I just have way to much stuff that I don't really have a need for. I also believe in order for me to keep my good vintage karma, it's important for me to send back into the universe the things that I have no use for! My agenda is simple....I need to unload my crap! So, I've decided that from time to time I will be posting things that I want to discard on my blog. These things will be ranging from vintage clothes, repro clothes, lamps, and in general vintage odds and ends.

Today's Deluxe Freebies and Cheapo Things

Vintage, Yellow, short sleeve......size small 34" bust 26" waist ....Free you pay shipping

Repro: 1) light blue & 1)pink.... Talbot's Brand sweaters with ribbed waist, boat neck, and 3/4 sleeve...... Size Med Petite.......bust 36" waist 30".......Both Free you pay shipping.

NWOT, Reproduction Red Pencil Skirt, low waist, .......Mode Merr Brand...... size Med .... waist 30" Hips 39" according to chart.... $25.00 plus shipping!

Needs ironed!!!

Vintage 50's Floral pleated Day dress with matching belt. Rayon type fabric. Size bust36" waist 29" hips free. Needs cleaned and ironed but in great condition..... $25.00 plus shipping

Vintage 40's, 50's Corset with 4 garters....Gossar-deb Gossard Brand .... Size small ....34B.....$8.00 you pay shipping

If you are interested please send me an email at my posted address or comment! Stay tuned, there will be more to come!


  1. OooOO that yellow sweater is so cute! for sure!

  2. Send me your info @ my email address on my profile page and I will get back to you on it!

  3. Hi there-

    Anything left from this post? I am interested in sweaters and skirt and maybe dress?

    send email to irish13melissa @ gmail.com and we can work something out?

  4. I want that yellow sweater, but I bet it has already been scored. You are so sweet and kind do to something like this I hope I you do it again.