Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinner with the blonde bombshell

Where did this week go?? I have been MIA all week long and just so darn busy with work. I've also been really grumpy and I really hate all the hormonal crap that goes on in my body. It's not often I have a bad pmsing month but this one really took the cake. This morning I woke up with so much rage! I really wanted to stab someone or kick my cat across the room. Neither of which I did. Instead I went to the gym and ran on the thread mill. This helped get rid of all my rage but then I was really sad. So when I got home I had a good cry. I have found that the best place to have a really good cry is in the shower. You're already getting wet so it seems to work out really well. It's the perfect place for a pity party cry fest and when you get out of the shower you're not only clean on the outside but the inside as well!

I really wanted to stay home in my pj's but my Mom had made reservations at Lancaster Arts Hotel resturant John J. Jeffries for dinner. If you ever want to come visit Lancaster, Pa this is the place I would recommend you stay. A very cool atmosphere and the food was AMAZING! One of the best dinners I have had in a long time and so worth getting out of my pj's for. I hear that their rooms are pretty swanky too and the Arts Hotel is located in a wonderful thriving part of the city.

For some reason I am missing my shoes in this picture which is not the best picture but shows my cute outfit!
Here is a picture of my incredibly cute shoes I found at an antique shop the other year!

So, my mother and I proceeded to get our drink on and this is when things got funny and she began to share. It's not often I ever hear about my Mom's life when she was a late teen or young 20 something. So how shocked was I to know that the guys use to refer to her as "The Blonde Bombshell". I almost spit out my drink when she dropped that one on me! I can not wait to tell my sister. It was nice to hear stories about how my Mom met the "cute as a button" man with the dark curly hair who was later to be my Dad! It's fun getting my Mom "The Blonde Bombshell" tipsy. I'm never calling her Mom again....she will now for ever be known as "The Blonde Bombshell" or TBB for short. This had to be the best parent birthday dinner ever!


  1. I love that story about your Mom. Isn't funny to glimpse those sides that you never knew existed?
    You looked very pretty,and tiny!