Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Dot

I wanted to take a moment and wish my sassy, great aunt Dot a very happy 98th birthday!!!! This is probably who all the ladies in my family get a love of gardening from. Aunt Catherine and Aunt Dot were gardeners, Aunt Dot is still gardening, just on a smaller scale and at a much slower pace. Aunt Dot still lives on her own and acts more like she's 73 then 98! Hmmm, maybe someone should check her birth certificate? Much love to my great aunt go girl!

Sassy Aunt by my cousin Sheri (she's sassy like aunt Dot too!)

Aunt Dot in 1915... (she has the big bow in her hair) Aunt Catherine is on the end.

My great great grandmother Catherine (McGarrity?) DeVine... Aunt Dot on the right with a hair bow again. Aunt Catherine on the left, my grandfather is the youngest in this picture (but not the youngest child), and my uncle Ed, front and center (I will always miss him) Not sure of the date: early 1900's. I wonder what story Great Great Grandma is reading??


  1. happy birthday to aunt dot! WOW-HOORAY FOR 98!! you've got a good set of genes dear!

  2. Aunt Dot, you are an inspiration! Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Ohhhh so sweet lady!! WOWWW 98!! and those old photos wow!
    You know, my grandmother lived till 98 and she looked younger too.

  4. Betsy, I'm going to correct you a little... that's not our great-grandmother in the photo reading, it's our great-great grandmother Catherine (McGarrity?) DeVine, great-grandpa's mother.