Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Aunt Dot

As you all know, Aunt Dot turned 98 this past Sunday and according to my cousin Sheri, she wanted to do two things for her birthday.... eat pizza and take a ride in a convertible. Hey, I told you my great aunt dot is super sassy mixed with a bunch of spunky too! Remember, it's the simple things in life that mean the most. Hmmm maybe when she turns 100 she'll want to go sky diving?

Aunt Dot eating her birthday pizza!

Aunt Dot in her super hot convertible!
Photos provided once again by my also sassy cousin Sheri! Thanks Sheri!

I totally think Aunt Dot had the best birthday ever! You go Aunt Dot!


  1. okay, that just made my day! aunt dot has inspired me!

  2. I think my aunt dot is an inspiration to all of us in my family! We are very lucky to have her! I know she has her own struggles just like everyone but she has a great sense of humor, stays positive, and has a strong faith.

    Why worry about things you have no control over?

    Enjoy every day of your life!

  3. We should all aspire to be like Aunt Dot !!!

  4. ¡Oh! su tía ... me siento como su huging =), y comer pizza! Quiero decir, yo y la pizza, pero mi estómago no apreciar demasiado.
    Estoy seguro de que había una gran celebración BDAY!

  5. aunt dot looks so tiny in that convertible! what an awesome lady..happy birthday!