Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom's birthday was yesterday...Happy Birthday Mom! I enjoyed spending the day shopping with you!

For my Mom....who reads my blog! Love you Mom!

The 40's....

My Mom was George and Fran's 3rd child. Fran's sister holding my Mom..

Mom, I know you will hate this but I always know it's you in old pictures because of your glasses. I also know you secretly hate all my cat eyeglasses because you hated wearing yours when you were a teen....if only you knew how cool us gals all think you looked in your glasses!

Onto the 70's..... because that's when you had me...your favorite daughter....shhh lets not tell Michele..our secret!

Remember that old 70's Nova and how you got so pissed off at those stupid seat belts because we would always get tripped up on them when climbing in the back seat that you took a pair of scissors and cut them out?? Hell, who needs seat belts and safety when you have "The Mom Arm" that would automatically go across your chest when ever there would be an unexpected need to apply the breaks. This must be a genetic thing as I also am predisposed to having "The Mom Arm" and I'm not even a Mom!

Here's yours truly, my brother, my Mom, and "that kid". I was a flower girl in my aunt's wedding. I liked the part about being the flower girl and carrying the basket of flowers but I didn't care much for "that kid". Remember how you MADE me hold his hand even though I didn't want to Mom?

See look...there's you MAKING me hold "that kid's" hand! I'm still traumatized over this Mom.

The 2000's

Me photographing...Mom, Sister in Law, Brother, Stepfather. Another wedding but no strange boy's hand to hold for me.... A happy day!

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Ahh, Happy Birthday to Mary's Mum! These are such sweet photos, you and your mum were total cuties when you were little! xx

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Deluxe!

    Hope your gifts were old. (vintage)
    Hope your friends are true.
    Eventhough this is Deluxeville,
    I hope the cake was NEW!

    btw Mary, I was flowergirl in a 70's pastel rainbow wedding. My color was yellow too! I was doomed to hold hands with "that kid" but he was too afraid and refused to be in the wedding...and he was the Bride's nephew! Hmmm...and I'm still single. Makes you wonder about this effect I have on men! LOL

    My Mom had the cateyes too, used clothes line to tie my car seat in her '67 Stang and also had/has the "mom arm". The only difference I'm seeing is that my Mom wore a one piece! :)

  3. The Mom arm was used alot when there was snow on the road. You would think that a school teacher would know how to spell brakes? Give me a break! P.S. your brother was cute as a kid, what the hell happened to him? At least he has a hot looking wife!

  4. Dear Annon....give me a BREAK...A lot is two words! So, I misspelled how easy I can spell the word asshole.....I will even use it in a sentence for you....My brother is an asshole! We as a family, often wonder how he pulled off the hot wife thing?? It's a complete mystery being that he's such a complete asshole!
    your sister!

  5. I'm telling Mom you called me an asshole!