Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Letters

I've decided that the man who sends me sweet, romantic, saucy letters in the mail, will be the man who wins my heart! Yes, I do mean win too.... because nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy and the next man I give my heart to is really gonna have to work to win it. I will probably have to wait awhile till this man comes along, but that's okay with me because when he does, I plan on making him the luckiest man in the world!

Now more from my Grandpa George!

April 22, 1941

Dear Fran:

A few minutes before bedtime, so thought I would take a few minutes and let my honey know what i am thinking about most, and practically all day. Sure do miss you Fran, sweet.

Was up at Franklintown for a few minutes, (and a few beers) but it didn't seem right, not being with you. In fact that's the way it seems to be most of the time, when I'm away from you.

Told the girls you are going to come, or rather let me bring you over here next Sunday, and they said swell. So that's settled. I only hope it will be as nice as yesterday. We had quite the congregation yesterday, and I felt lost not having you to talk to, and to gaze upon. Everyone was disappointed, because they didn't get to meet my Fran. They seem to know more about us or rather you, then what I do, at least they think so.

Well honey I'm getting sleepy so will say good night, (only it wasn't so good) See you Wed.


Fran and her fellow George

April 30, 1941


Dear Fran:

Just back from the barbers and not the one in N.O. I didn't think it was much use going over there because I believe you told me you were going to be off Tues. so I went to York Springs. All of them would make good butchers.

How's my honey, these last couple of days? I hope you felt okay Mon. because I sure was swell, and I mean my conscious too. I hope you and yours were the same.

I am sitting out here in the kitchen writing this and Ed is on the oppositte side of the table reading the Sat. Ev. Post. I wish it were my Fran. By the way hon they have your pictures in again and I sure think this one looks like you. "page 16"

The girls sure have the house all torn to hell and back. They are having the living and dining rooms papered and painted, and have all the furniture piled on the front porch and the rest of the junk on the floor in the summer kitchen. Some mess.

Had a very easy day to day, went around to all my ckicks cust. to see how things were progressing and got no complaints so far. It makes a fellow feel good to have a sweet girl like you to love, and bussiness is fair. (notice I put the bussiness last).

Well honey I must hit the hay, so will say good night.

Love George

Ps. Wish you were upstairs in the hay and I don't mean at your home.


  1. Oh if guys like that only existed nowadays! Good luck, I'm sure there's one or two out there! Zootsuitmama

  2. These letters are just so wonderful to read, really they are! and it's so good of you to share these with us Mary. There's something *special* about a hand written letter, to think that someone sits there and thinks what they are going to say and want to say and they scribe it down so that you can feel the indentations of the pen against the paper. Just personalises the whole thing doesn't it :)

  3. Hey! I had a Grandpa George, too (plus it's my Dad's name). I can't see my G.G. writing letters like these, though, but who knows. As for finding a man like this--they're out there, but in my experience you don't appreciate them until you've gone through a bunch of rotten ones. That's my life story and now I've got me one sweet patootie. Who's been known to write a love letter or two, as well.

  4. What sweer letters! My sweet patootie (that I found after going through some rotten ones too VC) and I did a lot of emailing back and forth when we were first courting, and I actually printed out all the emails and bound them together with a ribbon, so we could have our own "love letters" to look back on. They may not be hand written - well some of 'em were- but they sure were heartfelt.
    Thanks so much for sharing these, MDLX, it's nice to know folks were sweet back in the day.

  5. The best thing is that THERE still are men like that out there, I am thankful every day all day for my man. We are two of a kind and miracles DO exist.

  6. I love the letters... so wonderful! I love the pictures that go with them. He sure is quite a man!

  7. I wish I had someone to write love letters to. =]
    -Andi x

  8. I also have a great guy who is exactly like this! I think though the romanticism of the written word is huge, swoon...

    Thanks for sharing, he sounds like a great guy but I bet he could be a rascal too!

  9. Oh i wish my man would write me letters like that! To be fair he does write me romantic messages in cards but want letters in the post!!