Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Rockin Daddy

My Daddy's having a birthday today....can you tell by the pictures that I'm a Daddy's girl?? I love my Daddy!

Things my Dad has taught me:
Be a hard worker
How to roller skate and ride a bike
If someone doesn't like you...screw em...don't need em anyway
When you fall off the motorcycle get right back on it again
If you swallow tobacco juice it makes you sick
How to change a carburetor, set the timing, change a tire, mix cement, frame a building and then build it, shoot a gun, to fish, unclog a sewer line....what the hell Dad did you think I was a boy?? :)

Thank you Dad for:
pushing me all those times on the swing set
making my refrigerator fit into the refrigerator spot
all those times you helped me move
fixing all my cars all those times I crashed into things or blew something up
giving me the confidence and support to buy my house
taking me to auctions
being my Dad!


your spoiled daughter

Ps.....I know I'm your favorite kid....don't worry I won't tell Billy!


  1. You are so lucky to still have your Dad! Hope his day goes great! He sounds like he gave you a lot of time and that's everything! Zootsuit

  2. So sweet - wishing a happy, happy birthday to your Daddy!!

  3. Aw...I think that's the sweetest present a dad, or anyone, could ask for! Retro RoadDad is having some health problems recently and it's pretty sad, so give your DeluxeDad an extra hug from me!

  4. Awww that's lovely. Happy Birthday Daddy DeRoxe!

  5. What a fab dad !!! Happy Birthday DeluxeDad !

  6. Happy Birthday Mary's Daddy! He sounds wonderful, you are a very lucky girl! xx