Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Hey-wake Story

filled hey-wake!

The Story..

Last April I went off to this auction in the hopes of winning some Hey-wake. Unfortunately, I came away empty handed for Hey-wake but did get the very cool 1937 Sensation pinball game. Remember this is also the auction that I met my ex-fella at. I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but he actually went to that auction just to get the chance to meet me. He was a DeluxeVille reader and took the time to figure out where I was gonna be and showed up there. It's not as creepy as it sounds....I have seen this guy most of my life at different bars and such...but I'd never talked to this day I went over to talk to him. I remember when that pinball game came up for auction and he said to me,"you really need that for your game room!" So of course I had to buy it! After I bought it, he said "hmmmm I was just kidding...what are you gonna do with that??"

Well dear ex-fella, here's what I did with it....I sold it and used the hundred bucks I made from it to buy my new Hey-wake china cabinet today! Which btw only cost me $90!! :) :) :)

So the moral of this hey-wake story is....

You might not get what you really want at the moment you really want it but if you're patient and smart, you can get what you want in the end!

The moral of my ex-fella story is...

hehehehe I might need some help with that one! : ) Somebody give me one please! hmmm, I know, I know....

Buy the damn pinball game no matter what someone else might think!



  1. That's great! You know I've had those dishes off and on but never a whole set. Well, now that I'd like to have them, I went to a shop last weekend and they wanted like $70.00for a covered dish alone! You are lucky to have them!

  2. LOVE the new cabinet. Totally worth it, to show off those badass dishes in your amazing kitchen!

  3. I will use your story whenever i want to buy a pinball game and someone tries to stop me :)
    So glad you got your cabinet, it looks fab with all your china in it xx

  4. What a buy on such a gorgeous piece! Congrats!!!

  5. We have the same cabinet ! I'm so glad you got it and for such a bargain too, congratulations !!!

  6. Yep, I waited and waited for my Heywake dining table. I could have just bought one and paid thousands... but in the end, got it for $70.
    Same with some end tables. $30! :-D

  7. oh drool- fab plain and simple and awesome story to boot!

  8. OH ITS GOREOUS!!! I went to a sale and they had Haywood everywhere and I could not afford it and it was cheap!!! makes me sad but i am so glad you got it!!!!!

  9. YAY you should always be patient and you'll get what you want in the end! I truly believe that!

  10. Not only am I totally jealous of your cabinet for a killer deal but I in awe of your collection of those Franciscan Starburst dinnerware. I've been searching for pieces but one I find are way out of my price range.

  11. Its beautiful!!! We have a collection of Franciscan Starburst as well but its not as complete as yours. I would say the cabinet was a good exchange for your ex ;-)