Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday with George

When we last heard from our favorite 1940's cad, he had just broken up with Fran. Lets see how he gets outta this one shall we??

Nov. 22 1941
Dear Fran

Won't be able to make it Thursday, as you have already noticed, but will see you Sunday evening.
Who the hell said anything about saying goodbye?
Love George
P.S. Keep your nose clean.

Poor Fran, having to share an outhouse with all those gals! Fran is the one holding the door open. I hope she's keeping her nose clean!


  1. Love this pic - ahh, the wartime camaraderie of the gals on the homefront!

  2. That's an awful long waiting line - especially if it's a "one-holer" outhouse ;) Great photo - love the outfits!

    George sure is quite the rascal - lol. I've really been enjoying following these letter posts! So neat that you have your grandfather's letters to your grandmother :)

  3. They look so pumped to be using the outhouse!

  4. These letters and pictures are treasures. My aunt passed away yesterday, and she had bags of pictures of my Dad's side I had never seen. Most from the forties and fifties! She had written little notes and taped them to some - which made them all the more special. I feel like I knew the family that I never got to meet. Thanks for sharing..Zootsuitmama

  5. Ha! Classic! Love this pic, what a fun looking group!