Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Lamp Children

At Saturday auction I found these. You all know by now that I have a serious lamp buying I smell an intervention?? I just couldn't pass up this set of Continental Art Company lamps. Some where along the line they have lost their original shades and someone painted them that poop brown color...sad but true... they did a really good job of repainting them but I'm hoping to remove the brown with a little turpentine? I'll see if that works. They have no chips in the chalkware (which is rather amazing) and all the lights work, I just need a new bulb for the one flower. I also took off the ugly 70's shades and put on a cool set I already had from another set of lamps.

To see some of my other lamp finds.....
Pink Lamps
Pink Flower Lamps
A very first post about my lamps
That's just some of them!
See I told you all I have a lamp obsession...

If you want to see more amazing lamps to drool over and you have a flickr account, go check out Ms. Atomic's group: 1950's Lamps, Lampshades, and Lighting Fixtures.


  1. Sweet! I share your lamp obsession. I don't know why, but lamps are one of my favorite things! They bring so much style and warmth to a room.

    Wonderful photos, Mary. =)

  2. Oh and as for poop brown?

    Reminds me of season 3 of Mad Men and the awful dark poo brown Betty had her living room redone in. As if that kitchen wasn't bad enough!

    I still love the show lol... But dark brown? arg..

  3. Amazing!! My wife is the same way with Moss Lamps. Looks like you two need some serious intervention :)


  4. Well, I'm not gonna say the brown is GOOD ... but it could certainly be WORSE! They're quite stellar, and the lighter shade is a nice complement to the living room.

  5. I am also a lamp freak. And dishes...those two - I am a lamp and a dish freak. Those are vunderbar! Zootsuitmama

  6. oh WOW, boo hoo, why can't we find these lamps over here? They are stunning, I also have a lamp problem, the only good thing is cos you can't get them over here I don't have many - or in my opinion enough!

    I kinda like the poop brown, is that wrong?!

    Mary I'm coming over for a visit as soon as I can afford it ha ha!

  7. Loving these lamps!!!! I've fallen in love with your blog!!!!! Check mine out!

  8. Oh wow these are great!! If you ever want to part with them I have the perfect spot for them. :))

  9. I love your lamps! I have a lighting obsession! I just got these out of a house my cousin are rehabbing. I couldn't find any markings on them but I love 'em. Check them out here: