Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanks All!

Wow everyone, thanks for all your comments on my last post! I'm really happy to hear that I'm an inspiration to many of you. It was kind of embarrassing for me to share my not so flattering pictures with the world. But I'm glad I decided to do it. It not only inspired some of you but it also re-inspired me. I've been doing my healthy lifestyle for so long now that I forgot how far I've come. It's weird because even today, I sometimes still feel that I look like that girl I was five years ago. Seeing the old pictures of myself, helps me to realize that I'm no longer that unhappy girl. It's true what they say, at times, we can be our own worse critics.

The best advice I can give anyone who is ready to change their unhealthy ways for healthier ones is this.....make a commitment to yourself and no matter what, stick to it. If you've fallen off the wagon for a week or even a year, forgive yourself and get back to your commitment as soon as you can. It doesn't make you a failure, it just means you're normal. Losing weight is hard work....if it was easy, there wouldn't be a billion dollar weight loss industry out there because nobody would need them. If it was easy we would all be able to eat just 1200 calories a day and have plenty of time to exercise. If losing weight was easy, we would all be walking around looking like "insert favorite famous person here" It's not easy, so be kind to yourself and keep on kicking ass!


  1. Thank you Dame DeLuxe. We are not feel less alone ! ;)and results speak a lot !!! Thank you so much.
    Anyway, i've found a good point to be single, since 2 months i've no temptation because i've stopped to cook for a man, i can prepare spinach, green beans and salad without see two desesperate eyes of a big tought guy looking at the plates.

  2. You said it! Ive been kicking myself lately because after 2 babies Im not sure if Im ever going to be my old weight again. :(

  3. Mary D, you're truly adorable and an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your struggle with us and for showing us how treating yourself well is the best thing you can do.

    Just also had to say thanks so much for the Roadside America suggestion for the Retro Roadkids- per you I had pretty much decided to go here instead of The Shoe House (since Cliff and I have already been there) and wouldn't you know I just got an email from the folks at the Shoe saying they were not open this weekend anyways!

    Because of YOU I have a great Retro Roadmap destination to share with the kids, my sister, husband and me. Very much looking forward to it.

    You're a doll!

  4. Betsy, you need to quit being so worried! True beauty comes from the inside out, for real! IF I lived in PA, and IF I didn't have Laura, I would have a tent pitched in front of your house just in hopes of having one date, OK? There are lots of right-type fellas, and the real right one is just around the corner at the next thrift store, hon...he will not care plus or minus 10 pounds. Truly. Ask someone who is totally in love with another, and everyone wil say the same thing. Be YOU...because you ARE really something.
    AtomicBowler Dave

  5. AtomicBowlerDave..Thanks for the comment but I will have to disagree with your perspective. I didn't lose weight to get men nor do I think that I wouldn't be able to get a man when I weighed more. This is not about's about having a healthy lifestyle. 5 years ago, I had a boyfriend (so I wasn't trying to get another one) and I also was diagnosed with pre diabetes. This was about changing my life for me not for anyone else. I also have never suffered from low self esteem...I know I'm a great person inside and out and have always known this no matter how much I weighed...I simply didn't feel well being at a higher weight and started living a better life for myself. Yes, I would like to lose another 10 pounds but that's not because I think it's going to make me attractive to men it's simply because I would like to.

    I am awesome!
    MaryDeluxe :)