Friday, April 15, 2011

The Little Devil Grows Up

A Milo Post

The Little Devil
Remember this guy?

Yup, all grown up!

Yes, he's huge and weighs in at a whopping 15lbs! He's still goofy though and enjoys expressing this side of himself in the middle of the night or early in the mornings with what we like to call..."Milo's Circus". He will often enlist the help of the other side show freak on the premises, "The Tailess Wander" in his antics. The circus side show scene often involves, high speed chases (similar to the movie Bullitt), bed bouncing, and the occasional toilet flush. As you might also guess, he's a Mama's boy, but will adamantly deny this fact with growling and hissing when ever I try to love up on him. His hissy pants ways have certainly not changed, but he often forgets himself at bed time when he demands nightly cuddle time on top of Mama! So, just in case you've been wondering....yes, the devil still wears stripes!


If you don't know the reference I made in regards to the high speed chase scene from the movie Bullitt, you can watch the clip below! Steve McQueen...1968...It's one for the car guys out there!


  1. This Big Tom Cat is a pure beauty.

  2. WOW, is he a handsome boy!!! I love tabbies!

  3. Aawww, Cute!

    That pottery in the background of the 3rd picture... I'd love to see more of that! I like your blog!

  4. I totally agree with Kim Bombshell "What a HANDSOME Devil" I always say I am NOT a cat person...but my dear fatty Belle Starr and seeing cuties like your guy will prove me wrong everytime.

  5. He didn't turn out so bad for a little 3 day old abandoned parking lot kitty! He's definitely got some personality!


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  7. Such a pretty boy! I have a similar-looking tabby that also hisses when being loved, but he never walks away from it. Such silly animals :)