Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roadside America....

the kitschyest place in the world and the perfect place for an afternoon date! I LOVE Roadside America and I try to get there at least once a year, usually in the Summer time. Roadside happens to be about an hour drive for both the Sgt and I, so it worked great for a middle place to meet! Don't worry Sgt, in 60 more days we can start meeting in a certain room in the house for our Sunday afternoon dates! *wink wink*

Roadside America History

ROADSIDE AMERICA is an unforgettable panorama of life in rural United States. The exhibit spans more than two hundred years in time and lets you see, in exquisite miniature, how people lived and worked in pioneer days … through the years since then … right up to the present.

In newspapers and magazines, ROADSIDE AMERICA has been acclaimed as the greatest known miniature village—the most unique and detailed masterpiece of its kind in the world. Actually, it is not one village, but many—really the American countryside as it might be seen by a giant so huge that he could see from coast to coast.

Get ready to be taken by SURPRISE!!!!

Step right up folks! Right through those green curtains and on the other side of that door, you will find more then you every expected with sights that will amaze you. Oh and trolleys and trains to run!

Ta Da!!!

Hello excitement of a 5 year old!

Yup, I'm a complete 5 year old when there are buttons around to push!

I however, was not in this button pushing craziness alone!

There are just so many cool details to look at and a bunch of trains that go running around the town.

Yup, buttons to push that ran little areas in the I am making a train run! You are given a Roadside America brochure that has info to read about each numbered area along the walk around the display. I'm at number 4 and it goes up to 66 so there is lots to see and read about. Oh and buttons to be pushed! Have you noticed button 4 got all the action!

I want to live in this town!

MaryDeluxe & Sgt sexy pants
Happy town folk.

"The Twilight Show" which occurs ever half hour, consists of the overhead lights going out, the star lights come on in the ceiling, the houses light up, and they play God Bless America while they picture the Statue of Liberty, Jesus, and the American Flag on the big wall in front of the town! It is absolutely kitschtastic!

When the lights go out the visiting folk tend to get a little stupid! Pirate on! Arrggga

Roadside America from the outside!

Don't forget to wave goodbye to the giant scary Amish couple as you are leaving! Hey it's Pennsytuckey Pennsylvania, what do you expect?? Actually, I love living in this State!

On the kitsch factor scale, I have to give Roadside America 10 stars! A great date or family destination that's fun, a little wacky, and not to expensive on the wallet. There's just nothing like a little roadside kitsch to bring the goofiness out of all of us!


  1. Model Train *LOVE*! My family had a "train table" when I was growing up and I have lots of fond memories of gluing grass, painting cars, wiring lighting, and gluing together houses all under the age of 15. It was completely kitsch and my friends thought it was goofy but I loved it so much and maybe one day I'll have my own kiddos and continue the tradition!

  2. Fun fun fun! I wanna go! Maybe someday. Never been on the East coast believe it or not!

  3. Yeah Pennsylvania! Gotta love it. The Amish are so kind.

  4. Bahaha! I do the same thing with the buttons. That is one of the biggest model train towns Ive ever seen. Super neato.

  5. Awesome. There is a bit smaller but similar set up in Cincinnati. Now I want to go see THIS one.

  6. OMG I forgot about this place. Thanks for the post. I know where I'll be road tripping this summer with my daughter. I remember going there with my folks when I was a kid.

    It's so neat how detailed it all is!!!

  7. oh my word, i haven't been there in years...i foresee a trip in the near future! my hubby is from NY and has yet to experience the wonder that is roadside america.

  8. I LOVE Roadside America! Haven't been in about 2 years- glad to see it's still the same!