Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving In and Moving On

My time here in DeluxeVille is drawing to a close and I have but 4 1/2 short weeks until the BIG move happens. I of course have been packing my car and moving things each time I visit the Sgt, but the really BIG move will be taking place the end of May. That's when the moving truck will get packed up and ALL my things will be in the same place and all together again. YAY!! I can not tell you how excited I am about this. I'm a gal that loves to make her home a nest and living here and there and everywhere has just been a super pain in my butt.


As you can see, my things are beginning to take up space in the Sgt's garage. It sure was nice of the Sgt to move his guy toys around to make space for my crap. Every time I visit, my pile keeps getting bigger. Just so you know how sweet he is, Sgt even goes to auctions with me and lets me buy more crap to put in the garage! Now if that doesn't say love, I don't know what does? hahaha Wait till I start bringing it into the house and moving his crap into the garage! He sure will be surprised then won't he!? Just kidding Sgt *wink wink* Okay, maybe not about all your surfboards in the living room...they can go in the garage.... right??

Anyway, I did pick up a really cute kitchen table at a recent auction out in the boonies. Not a lot of people showed up so prices stayed relatively reasonable on things. I got the 50's kitchen table for $10, a very cool atomic pole lamp for $1, an old table I will probably use for a potting table for $1 and a neato Smith Corona turquoise 60's type writer for 50 cents. Which proves the point that there are still lots of sweet deals to be had out there....just keep looking!

The table top is in great condition but the legs need a little steel wool action.

A shabby but chic potting table.

Okay really, how could I not buy this for a $1! It works and it came with the light bulbs still in it. I mean come on, the light bulbs cost more than a $1 now a days!

The cute turquoise typewriter I dug out of the "nobody wanted it pile"!

Can I just add how happy it makes me to have finally found a guy who loves to go to auctions with me, has a truck that he actually uses for a truck, and lifts all my heavy things for me without me even having to ask! I've been looking for a bus like this for a long time! Riding all those wrong bus routes all those years sure does make me realize what a great bus I finally found. Thanks for picking me up Sgt and taking this crazy, vintage loving gal in the right direction!



  1. Sgt has the same bike as me. :) That's a Street Bob, yes? Mine is an '07.

  2. Erin, yupper! It's an '04, something I got myself for my 40th birthday. If I sell that '98 Sportster behind it I'll actually be able to pay it off..... AND make room for my surfboards (evidently...) Although I just finished installing new surfboard racks on the bedroom walls (My side of the room!)


    By the way, it's fantastic to have Ms Deluxe along in the bus. Makes all the difference!


  3. I'm excited to see what you're going to do with the new home and TRUST ME!I've been in limbo for a year and really miss my things and having a home but just a few more months for me!

  4. I need to find some great deals like that. Love the lamp and typewriter, well actually I love all your found treasures!

  5. You are going to give Sgt. a "Woman's touch" <3

  6. I always LOVE your posts! I am also one to collect "crap" haha. I just scored a "turquoise" 50s sectional in the trash!!! Thank god I have a beat up old soccer mom mini van. Stuck my daughter in the front seat, folded down the back seats and took off the peg legs and in she slid! Scored a blonde 50s desk from the same house. Not many auctions in NJ these days but I'm sure looking forward to yard sale season. On the search for a corner square 50s couch table! Sgt love you and all that comes with you! You scored a good man! :)

  7. So much work....if I think about it to mush or for to long I get really overwhelmed.

    Jennie....SCORE!!!! but hello...pictures please!! I can't drool without pictures! Yeah, what's up with the lack of auctions in NJ??? Guess I'll be driving back to PA for all my auction fixes. Your poor poor child...hahahaha...Mommy is trash pickin again!


  8. have a safe and smooth move, dear! i love your vintage typewriter! =)


  9. Great finds! You guys are just too cute!
    And Jennie, if coming to Bucks Co. Pa is do-able for you, I know where there is one of those tables! (But not free, alas...)

  10. I can't believe that light was a dollar! Love your finds! Can not wait til the big move~ and seeing everything in it's place!
    Have a pretty day!

  11. Loving the kitchen table and the typre writer. I'm so happy that you found a great guy who indulges in your passions. I wish you both all the happiness in the world. x

  12. WOW, some seriously great finds! I love the lamp, and that tabletop is fabulous. My winter project was going to be reupholstering the ripped chairs that go with our dinette table, but winter appears to have turned into spring without it getting done. Whoops. ;)

  13. Hey! I just lost my job yesterday so I'll be selling a lot of my vintage clothing/purses and shoes I don't wear anymore on Etsy (fashions desoto). I would LOVE to come to PA for auctions but alas, money is gonna be tight for a big being a single mom and all. I have to get going on my blog. It's all new to me! haha I'm on facebook if any of you wanna friend me. I posted pics of the sectional and desk. Left a note on the door of the house and the guy called and offered me the double tiered end tables and boomerang coffee table (free) :) hehehe SCORE!